After a long wait, World of Warcraft finally had its latest patch released. The April Fool’s Update has brought new changes to the game including an overhauled questing system and slaughters bunnies everywhere!

The “new world ptr patch notes” is a server merge for the latest World of Warcraft update. The patch also includes a new PTR, which will be open April’s QOL update. And finally, the “New World preps server merges, opens PTR for April’s QOL patch, and slaughters bunnies.”

New World preps server merges, opens PTR for April’s QOL patch, and slaughters bunnies


This week is going to be hectic at New World, so let’s get right to it. First, with a quality-of-life improvement under testing, the public test realm will open later today. Amazon expects a shorter-than-usual test period to enable players to test Amazon’s solutions for a slew of defects, including irritants in Tempest’s Heart and Lazarus Instrumentality, powerful darkness veils, excessive player collision with minor ambient items, and UI, map, and inventory difficulties.

Second, Amazon claims that, after the conclusion of last weekend’s free-play event, it has combined the free-play worlds into pre-existing servers and is currently arranging a new round of server mergers for this Friday across four regions:


As MMO blogger Belghast points out, the complimentary weekend doesn’t seem to have appreciably increased the game’s playerbase.

New World just finished a free weekend on steam where anyone who was interested could download it and play. It looks to have caused a roughly 3% bump, which seems real rough for giving the game away. I think anyone who was interested at all has already played it honestly.

— Belghast ⚔️ Quaggan Friend 🇺🇦 (@belghast) April 12, 2022

Finally, New World is doing havoc on rabbits, and we don’t mean metaphorically.

“Help put an end to the rabbit scourge from April 12 to April 25 and you’ll be paid handsomely!” Corrupted bunnies will drop unique items over this two-week timeframe. Players may get up to three Diamond Gypsum drops every day, as well as up to five luck-increasing consumables. Those good luck totems will come in useful, since there’s a legend of a mysterious storage box in these bunnies’ hands.”

The rabbit-hunting season has begun!

From April 12 to April 25, Corrupted Rabbits are infesting Aeternum and dropping unique treasure.


— New World (@playnewworld) April 11, 2022


New World preps server merges, opens PTR for April’s QOL patch, and slaughters bunnies. The “new world ptr server status” is a website that provides information on the status of the new World preps servers.

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