Who doesn’t love a good game of hot radioactive wasteland survival? Well, as it turns out there’s an entire ecosystem based around this style. My goal is to guide players through the various Mutators and their benefits with these guides.

The “new world database” is a guide that will help new players to get started in the game. It includes information on how to craft items, what quests are available and more.

New World Expedition Mutators guide

Expedition Mutators are a new end game feature in New World. For level 60 characters, these modifiers enhance the difficulty of Expeditions. Enemies’ behavior is altered, and their health and damage are increased. This is a comprehensive guide to the Expedition Mutators of the New World.

Expedition Mutators are what they sound like.

The powers of all opponents in an Expedition are enhanced by Mutators. Each week, a new set of Expeditions and Mutations is implemented. There are ten different degrees of difficulty in these Expedition Mutators.

The conflicts get more difficult as the degree of Mutation rises. The opponent scale in Mutated Expeditions is influenced by a suggested Gear Score. And don’t expect your over-geared pal to help you through Expedition Mutators. Regardless of the difficulty level, each player’s battle scaling is unique.

Players earn a score depending on their team’s performance at the conclusion of a Mutated Expedition. There are several Bonus and Malus multipliers, resulting in a Bronze, Silver, or Gold score.

The score is influenced by a number of factors:

  • The sooner you finish the Mutated Expedition, the better.
  • During the expedition, enemies were slain.
  • Total amount of wipes and respawns for the squad.

If you’ve played World of Warcraft, you’ll notice that Expedition Mutators are comparable to Mythic+ dungeons.

The many difficulty levels

Expedition Mutators has ten levels of difficulty, each of which is more challenging than the one before it.

New-World-Expedition-MutatorsNew World Expedition Mutators Amazon Games provided the image.

Difficulty 1 and 2 add a single Elemental Mutation to an Expedition’s usual difficulty. Enemies might be more resistant to an Element, cause greater damage, or boost friends in the vicinity. In this tier, the Promotion and Curse Mutations are disabled.

Difficulty 3 through 5 is a tad more difficult. The Elemental Mutation is upgraded to Tier 2 and a Promotion Mutation is added. The opponents have grown in strength, and all players must pay close attention to the conflicts.

With Difficulty 6 to 8, things grow a lot more serious. This bracket includes Curse Mutations, which cause harm to your whole group on a regular basis. Enemies may also be able to regain health or cast shields to defend themselves from harm.

Difficulty 9 through 10 is the highest tier of Expedition Mutators. Three mutations have now been activated. They give foes even more strength and use numerous debuffs to reduce your chances of survival.

Higher risk, higher payoff

Mutations increase the game’s difficulty and provide higher prizes than standard Expeditions. Players may now use Umbral Shards to enhance their equipment from Gear Score 590 to 625. To upgrade a piece of gear, you must reach 600 Expertise for that item type.

Umbral Shards may be obtained in three ways:

  • Expedition Mutators may be completed at any level, with higher levels providing more Umbral Shards.
  • Casts of gypsum are being opened.
  • Creating goods with a 600 Gear Score.

What is the procedure for joining a Mutated Expedition?

To participate in a Mutated Expedition, players will require two things. The first is a Codex that gives everyone Mutated Expedition in Aeternum access. A Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb is also available for each Expedition.

To get access to a Mutated Expedition, you must first finish the standard difficulty version of the Expedition. All participants will get a Codex after the game is over. This item is necessary in order to play Mutated Expeditions. For that particular Expedition, everyone also receives a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb.

Stonecutting allows players to make one Mutator Orb every week. The Faction Shop also has two more Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb accessible each week.

The “new world umbral shard” is a new World Expedition Mutator that was released on the 8th of October, 2018. This guide will help you understand what this new mutator does and how to use it.

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