The release of Neverwinter’s Jewel of the North expansion on PC is only a couple of days away, so we thought we’d make the guide to all the new features a little easier to digest with an in-depth look at the new Bard class.

With the release of Neverwinter’s Jewel of the North appearing on both PC and Xbox, it’s a good time to go back to the game’s original launch and what it offered players. First up, Neverwinter had a lot going for it back in the day. Most of the more prominent MMOs in the genre were in their pre-launch phase, so Neverwinter was an MMO being developed by a large, established studio with a large team of experienced developers. It was one of the first MMORPGs to allow players to play with their friends in the same server, which was important to players who wanted to play with friends. The classes were also fairly well-thought out, with the iconic fighter being present

Neverwinter’s Jewel of the North is great: it’s a gorgeous city, full of lively characters, a diverse selection of activities and adventures, and, with the recent expansion, an ever-growing economy. But now it’s time for the Bard class, and the expansion’s biggest change: level squish.


Jewel of the North is now available on the Neverwinter platform, and it’s a momentous day for Neverwinter fans. This is the major update that adds the Bard class and squishes and improves the whole leveling and instructional experience in the game.

“Along with the new class, Neverwinter: Jewel of the North brings major game-changing improvements that make it easier for all adventurers to access and enjoy all of the content available in Neverwinter. With the new streamlined leveling system which follows the beloved system found in Dungeons & Dragons, the max level cap in Neverwinter has transitioned from level 80 to level 20. This allows new and returning adventurers to reach epic-level content much faster (in approximately 10-12 hours) and gives veteran adventurers the option to quickly level up their alternate characters. Additional notable improvements geared towards providing a greater experience for all adventurers include the new Adventures feature, two new locations (the Adventurer’s Guild and Training Room) and revamped tutorials and early game performance improvements.”

Players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will have to wait until late August to get their hands on this egg, but in the meanwhile, they can check out the studio’s instructions for new and returning players, as well as our own interview about the patch.

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