Naoki Yoshida has updated Final Fantasy XIV players again, assuring them that the lottery botch with houses will be solved and distributed properly. In his message to fans, he also promised a new auction house system in place soon. The update is available here: https://naokiyosawadaqov5buvb1dzw7ld0cg6u3fyrpjy8o75mg2rdfi9trkogt4h

The “ffxiv 6.1 release date” is a recent update on how the Final Fantasy XIV’s house lottery botch has been resolved and players will be able to get their houses distributed properly.

Naoki Yoshida updates players again on Final Fantasy XIV’s lottery botch and assures players that houses will be distributed properly


It hasn’t been long since Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida addressed the playerbase about concerns that had arisen after the game’s first housing lottery, but there is now another update on the subject. The short explanation is that the lottery servers seem to have functioned successfully, but the results were not properly transmitted between the systems rolling the metaphorical dice and the real housing plots, resulting in the whole system collapsing in some locations. Not everywhere, since many individuals were successful in getting plots, and players who have already accepted their plots will not have their plans revoked.

In the meanwhile, those players who participated in lotteries where the results were not properly transmitted should rest assured that the team is working to restore the accurate results for everyone and that the whole procedure will take four to six business days (assuming all the fixes work correctly). That’s cold comfort to those who were left out when the housing lottery was pulled on Saturday and ran into problems, but you can take heart in the fact that if your lot was denied due to a bug, you’ll get the house you won, and no more lotteries will be held until the fixes are confirmed and the errors are resolved.


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