MotoGP 22 is a sequel of MotoGP, the game that has been around since 2008. The developers at Milestone dreamed big with this release and delivered an amazing experience to fans of racing games. Replacing traditional in-game currency for digital tokens, riders can customize their bikes down to each bolt. With 16 licensed tracks and nearly 2 hours of gameplay, there’s lots here to love but it’ll be up to you whether or not it lives on your shelf longer than 1 day!The future of blockchain powered games are coming sooner than we think!.

The “motogp testing 2022 schedule” is a MotoGP 22 review. The game was released on November 15, 2018 and has been met with mixed reviews.

MotoGP 22 Review - Making the Leap

Milestone, an Italian-based developer, has carved out a niche in the racing genre since its inception in 1996. With brand names like MotoGP, MXGP, Monster Energy Supercross, Hot Wheels, and more in their library, their reputation for offering high-quality racing games all year continues to grow. Let’s speak about what works and what doesn’t in our Review of the 22nd MotoGP, now that the game has been out.

Review of the 22nd MotoGP


I was fortunate enough to be invited to a private beta, and I expressed my enthusiasm for the new precision-based physics and improved track surfaces in my preview. Now that the complete retail edition is out, it’s time to see whether the MotoGP series is ready to move forward, or if it’s still stuck in the past. Let’s have a look.

According To The Developers, What’s New In MotoGP 22

  • Face animations have been added, as well as better 3-D characters and pits.
  • Manually handle the locking mechanism and regulate suspension compression using the Ride Height Device.
  • Enhanced Track Surfaces — The surface of the tracks has been improved for greater control and rideability.
  • Suspension System Improvements – Refined for improved curb and surface recognition
  • Tire Deformation – Realistic tire behavior creates a realistic experience.
  • New Tutorial System – A series of brief lessons designed to assist novices get started with the series.

What I Enjoy

Physics And Gameplay

Proper mechanics that blur the line between gaming and realism may be a difficult balance for a title and series like the MotoGP brand. A freshly adopted and upgraded track surface and suspension package was one of the primary selling features stated during the announcement and subsequent promotion for MotoGP 22.

Those two new improvements simply explain the game’s better mechanics, and they happily ring true and boosted my pleasure on the track. The improvements in bike control and controller interface between the bike and the surface provide a more substantial feel across the course, allowing me to understand where I was strong and where I needed to develop.


This is significant since the AI rivalry in MotoGP 22 is strong and fierce. As my career evolved, my grasp of how to reduce my time travelling around the track became more vital.

On the track, the AI is clever, fair, and aggressive. The AI in MotoGP 22 is the finest in the series’ history, and by best, I don’t mean ridiculous or unbeatable. I’ve won a few races, lost a few sad ones, and been sent to the rear of the pack on occasion. The AI in MotoGP 22 isn’t flawless though, in the sense that AI racers make errors in the race, just as humans do. Some of these errors are unrelated to myself or other riders, while others are the result of the iconic first-turn aggressiveness or sprint to the finish. Many of the races I participated in, whether in Mode of Work or not, had me shouting at the errors.

Review of the 22nd MotoGP

The Conclusion is that the combination of enhanced on-track physics and realistic AI contributed to produce an immersive and engaging MotoGP game that I haven’t experienced at this level in a long time, if ever.

Mode of Work

While the Mode of Work felt familiar as a veteran of the series, it still offers a high level of addictive fun and authenticity. Once again, the MotoGP series offers the user the opportunity to start in Moto3 and make a name for yourself, or you can jump right into the MotoGP series itself. I love having to prove my worth week in and week out, so I chose the path of starting in the Moto3 series.

MotoGP 22 Mode of Work

Initially, the game gives two options as you start your career. The first option is to join a team in the lower ranks and prove yourself over time. The second option, the one I chose, allowed me to start my team from scratch. Choosing to create a team opened up my Mode of Work with a more prominent inclusion of the R&D department, the hiring and firing of team managers and developers, and allowed me autonomous power on how and where to allocate my incoming funds from each weekend.


Regardless of which option you choose, both paths offer a similar route to securing a spot amongst the elite on the MotoGP circuit. Although not loaded with an abundance of depth and options, each week during your Mode of Work you will be trying to manage your time by making sure your research and development team is working on upgrading your bike, your team manager is securing the best financial options available, and if it’s a race weekend you are at the track trying to ensure the best finish possible.


The season is 52 weeks long, with many stops at various sites, choices that need your influence, and you must continually keep an eye on your team’s tendencies. It is up to you to make any necessary adjustments and enhancements.

Another aspect I love about the Mode of Work in MotoGP 22 is that you decide how much you want to participate. You can go straight to the race portion of the weekend and forgo qualifying and practice to help streamline and expedite the experience, but be warned that you may be hurting your chances of progressing through the ranks by cutting corners.

You’ll discover that the sponsors you’ve signed with have expectations, such as qualifying above a certain place, getting a specified race row, and putting in a strong performance.


The more you participate, the more objectives you meet, and the larger the payment at the end of the weekend, resulting in greater financial freedom to support a more significant team effort throughout the year.

I’d want to see a little more of the off-the-beaten-path possibilities, such as PR interviews and public appearances, to help promote the brand and create additional prospects for economic growth. In future revisions, I’d like to see a little more exposition of off-track actions. Seeing a building being constructed or improved, a new operations bay being developed in the garage, or a new PR department being established to assist with the team’s logistics would have provided much-needed depth.

Regardless, Mode of Work is deep and addictive in enough ways that it is worth the price of admission on its own.


If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of presentation, particularly in licensed racing games. For many games, the category ends up in my “what I didn’t enjoy” part, but that seems to be changing, which is always a positive thing. For all of their previous releases, Milestone has been spending resources in the presentation area, and MotoGP 22 now benefits from that shift in focus.

MotoGP 22

If you’re a fan of Codemasters’ F1 series, you’ll recognize a lot of elements in the new presentation package. That’s a great praise, and although there’s definitely space for growth, the progress is clear. The presentation is brief, to the point, and goes on, which is exactly what I want. The track, the garage, the audience, and the starting grid are all well-shot, but they’re done in such a way that I never found myself pressing the “skip” button.


That said, there is room for improved Presentation in Mode of Work that focuses more on the driver and opportunities away from the track. Still, improvements have created a more immersive experience throughout the title.

Beginners Will Find It Easier To Get Into

The degree of difficulty has been one of the most common concerns about the MotoGP season, and in some respects, I can see why. As previously said, the series involves a high level of fluidity on the track while driving these magnificent vehicles with accuracy. Thankfully, Milestone has incorporated a fantastic instructional system that will assist seasoned series veterans brush up on their skills while also introducing new fans to the sport and game.


The system in place is easy to follow and contains visual indicators to assist you comprehend every aspect of the sport. Navigation of the course, use of the bike features, and reading and interpretation of the in-race HUD are all examples. I realize that listing a tutorial as one of my favorite aspects of a game is unusual, but in this situation, the new instructional package in place justifies it.

What I Don’t Care For

Graphical Appeal

When it comes to MotoGP 22, there wasn’t much that disappointed me, and almost every enhancement the makers mentioned before to release can be seen and felt throughout the game. The visuals of the next-gen edition are the one caveat (there always has to be one). While the motorcycles are meticulously detailed and often seem to be photo-realistic, the same cannot be said for the venues or the track’s surroundings.

MotoGP 22 next-gen

The distinction between the track and motorcycles, as well as the track-side scenery, is sometimes hazy or washed out, and it’s not in a nice manner. With MotoGP 22, significant advancements were made in a number of categories, and here’s hope that the venues themselves will be upgraded in the following generation.


While I understand that motorcycle racing in many areas of the world is still considered a niche sport, instead of sitting idly by and accepting that, Milestone is looking to change that by offering an excellent tutorial system to make the sport a bit more accessible through its licensed game. MotoGP 22 offers so much to the racing fan in terms of a deep Mode of Work, the ability to relive some of the sport’s history, a solid online suite of options, and the ability to create some fantastic logos and graphics with a powerful customization creator. MotoGP 22 is a title that should be in every racing fan’s rotation of games, and it is finally a great year to make the leap for those who have been reluctant due to a lack of knowledge of the sport.

The “motogp 22 liveries” are the new designs for the MotoGP championship. The livery designs have been released and can be seen in the game. The game was released on November 3rd, 2017.

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