The Monster Hunter series is a series of games that has been around for over 20 years. In the latest installment, “Monster Hunter: World,” players are able to take on quests with friends and other players from all over the world.

The monster hunter rise argosy guide is a comprehensive guide to the game, which features information on all the monsters and weapons.

Since the beginning, farming and trade have been a big component of Monster Hunter. The mechanics have changed somewhat over the series, but there is always some kind of special trade station where you may get unique supplies and other benefits.

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It’s the Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise. Rondine the Trader has set her shop in Kamura Village and will assist you with anything from hunting supplies to elegant house décor. Let’s get started with our comprehensive Argosy guide, which will help you make the most of your transactions.

Argosy Monster Hunter Rise Guide

The Argosy is a trade vessel in Monster Hunter Rise that may provide you with a variety of unique goods that aren’t accessible in the game’s regular markets. You’ll be able to get essential equipment and supplies, as well as a few unique things, from the Argosy, and set up regular trading for resources of your choosing.

Rondine-Crew-1024x576 Rondine + Crew Rondine and her entourage

The Argosy may be found moored at Buddy Plaza, and it will open the first time you visit. It’s managed by Rondine the Trader, who can help you with everything Argosy-related. Check with her if you wish to conduct any trade or look into any upgrading possibilities!

Bargaining with Friends

Buddy Bargaining is the Argosy’s main service, and it’s a great method to get particular resources for your favorite handmade goods. It’s a lot simpler to send a couple of your vacant Buddies on the Argosy than it is to collect a steady supply of materials on your own!

Buddy-Bargaining-1024x576 Buddy Bargaining This would definitely be more amusing if my dog had been called “Truffle.”

When you speak with Rondine and choose “Order Items,” the Buddy Bargaining menus will appear. You may pick which Buddies to send on the Argosy, improve their bargaining strength with unique bargaining abilities, and choose which goods they’ll be trading for from this menu.

In the future, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to Buddy Bargaining, so stay tuned for additional details!

Rare Finds, Trade Goods, and Special Goods

Even if you aren’t farming for particular goods, the Argosy is a great place to trade for other things. The Argosy’s inventory is divided into three categories: Trade Goods, Special Goods, and Rare Finds, which may all be bought using Kamura Points. To view your choices, just choose “Exchange for Items” while chatting with Rondine.

Trade-Goods-1024x576 Trade Goods I ask Rondine for the fiftyth time what’s on sale today, and she makes a face.

Trade Goods are commonly accessible goods that may be purchased at any time via the Argosy. The list is static, but as you advance through the game, more things will become available.

Item Description Cost
Raw Meat Meat that has been cut out of a monster. With it, you may be able to capture a certain Flooded Forest fish. 60 pts.
Gunpowder When hit or heated, a hazardous material bursts. 150 pts.
Net A strong net that can withstand a lot of weight without breaking. It’s ideal for pitfall traps. 200 pts.
Farcaster You will be transported to the closest camp in a matter of seconds. It’s also useful in fights. 200 pts.
Herbal Treatments Removes all signs of poison while also restoring a semblance of health. 300 pts.
Drinking Energy A stamina-boosting beverage recommended by the Guild. It also aids in the aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned a 300 pts.
Deodorant When hurled down, this item heals Stench, hellfireblight, and blastblight. 300 pts.
Meat That Has Been Poisoned Raw flesh that poisons anybody who consumes it. Makes excellent trap bait. 300 pts.
Meat with a Scent Raw meat that paralyzes anybody who consumes it. Makes excellent trap bait. 300 pts.
Meat that has been tainted Raw meat that puts anybody who consumes it to sleep. Makes excellent trap bait. 300 pts.
Smoke Bomb with Poison When utilized, a poisonous cloud of mist is released. Also used as a bug bomb in the home. 300 pts.
Catalyst Enhances the effects of other elements by combining them. It can’t be utilized on its own. 500 pts.
Immunizer Enhances your body’s natural capacity to recover. 500 pts.
Lifepowder Creates a cloud that heals you and everyone else in the vicinity. 600 pts.

Hanging scrolls used to adorn your in-game house are known as Special Goods. Because the game’s numerous monster-specific scrolls are unlocked by successfully hunting your chosen monster, these scrolls are a fantastic way to show off your hunting skills (i.e. slaying or capturing them).

There are four more scrolls available for purchase, all of which are obtained naturally as the game progresses.

Item How Do I Unlock It? Cost
The Final Battle From the beginning, it was available. 1500 pts.
Friendships that happen quickly 3 Village Quests or 2 Hub Quests must be completed. 1000 pts.
Malice’s Slayer 5 Urgent Village Quest “Comeuppance” must be completed. 2500 pts.
A Moonlit Evening Complete the “All Mother” 7 Urgent Hub Quest. 3000 pts.
Monster Scrolls is a game where you may play as 10 times successfully hunt your target monster n/a

Rare Finds are in-game goods that are difficult to come by, such as rare monster drops, costly craftables, or other precious items that may be traded for zenny.

Rondine offers a steady supply of Rare Finds for trade, making it a little simpler to get your hands on some of these goods. But don’t get too excited: she only has a few things in stock at any one moment (which means you can’t purchase in bulk), and the choices change often. Always check in with her to see what she has available while you’re in Kamura Village!

Item Description Cost
Bhernastone A ornamental gem brought in from the countryside. Obtains a favorable price. 50 pts.
Ore Loc Lac Imported from a desert village, this decorative gem. Obtains a favorable price. 50 pts.
a surprise attack On hit, it flashes brilliantly. To blind a monster, toss this directly before its nose. 100 pts.
Sonic Explosion On explosion, a hand-thrown bomb produces a high-frequency burst of sound. 100 pts.
Sushifish A fatty fish that may help you regain some health. 300 pts.
Whetfish A fish with a strong dorsal fin capable of sharpening weapons. 400 pts.
Shock Absorber A trap that renders a victim immobile. It may be used to catch creatures. 400 pts.
Extract of Pale It has the potential to enhance the effects of certain medications. 500 pts.
Dundormarin Imported from a highland hamlet, this ornamental gem. Obtains a favorable price. 500 pts.
Kelbi Horn is a writer. Kelbi horns are a crucial component of numerous things, despite being unsuitable for forging. 500 pts.
Quartz Val Habar A ornamental gem brought in from a caravan market. Obtains a favorable price. 500 pts.
Whetfish of Great Size Whetfish in gigantic size. Its dorsal fin outperforms even whetstones in terms of use. 600 pts.
a dash of juice For a limited time, reduces stamina depletion while also replenishing a small amount of stamina. 600 pts.
Trap in the Pitfall A trap designed to capture big creatures. A hefty weight has tripped it. 600 pts.
Bud of Gloamgrass Under the sun’s rays, this plant wilts. Is it possible that it has therapeutic properties? 800 pts.
Minegardenite An ornamental gem brought in from a hunting community. Obtains a favorable price. 1000 pts.

HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br HighGroundGaming_highGroundView_br


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The mh rise argosy upgrade is a guide that covers everything there is to know about Monster Hunter Rise. It includes an overview of the game, guides for all areas, and tips on how to get through the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Argosy work monster hunter rise?

The Argosy is a machine that takes in the power of an old-fashioned steam engine and converts it into electricity.

How do you unlock Argosy in Monster Hunter rise?

You must complete the quest The Legend of the Star

How do I order something from Argosy?

To place an order with Argosy, you will need to create a free account. You can do this by clicking on the Create Account button at the top of the website.

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