Today marks a sad and important day for MMO gamers. Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen has been released, and one of the most anticipated features of the game, the ability to “play” as a dragon, has been removed from the game. In a recent patch, pet battles were also removed, which angered some fans of the game.

On Monday, the game world watched in horror and awe as the enemy of all dragons, the Alliance, was defeated. In a bloody battle, the frigid Alliance lost its last dragon to the brave Horde. With the Alliance’s only real hope of victory now gone, all signs point to the end of the war.

The end of the year has come, and with it, the end of a much talked about dinosaur: Dragons. After the release of two dragons this year, we saw the end of the Great Dragon Hunt and the death of the most iconic dinosaur in the game, the T-Rex. Next up, the end of the Blizzard walkout, which started with the release of the Winter Wonderland event. It was a huge fail for Blizzard, but we won’t talk about that.


The sexism controversy at Activision-Blizzard continued to escalate this week, with CEO Bobby Kotick issuing a statement comforting shareholders while employees protested the company’s reaction by staging a walkout on Wednesday.

Fortunately, disgruntled WoW fans may switch to a variety of MMORPGs, including New World, which has been ripping up the concurrency charts; Guild Wars 2, which just announced the End of Dragons expansion for next year; and Neverwinter, which just released Jewel of the North this week.

Today, like every Sunday (since 2010!) in Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review, catch up on the best of this week’s MMO news and views!


gw2-a-75x75 Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons expansion launches February 2022, with preorders live now – The day is finally here: We’re getting our first look at Cantha Cantha Cantha! Yes, Guild Wars 2 is taking the wraps off its long-awaited third expansion, End of Dragons.… new-world-75x75 New World cleared 200,000 concurrent beta players over the weekend – You have to imagine that there are some Amazon Game Studios executives and producers who are breathing a little easier this week after seeing the phenomenal response to New World’s… hearth-75x75 Activision-Blizzard walkout organizers respond to Kotick, Kotaku exposes ‘Cosby suite’ attendees – In response to Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick’s letter to staff last night, organizers of today’s walkout have issued a response arguing that his letter “fails to address critical elements at… overwatch-lijiangtower-75x75 Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick: ‘The leadership team has heard you loud and clear’ – As ATVI stock dips and Blizzard employees plan a walkout tomorrow, Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has finally publicly addressed the company’s workers in regard to the ongoing sexism lawsuit and… wow-haunting-epl-1027-75x75 Blizzard’s sexism scandal continues, 2500 devs sign letter condemning Acti-Blizz response – It’s now been a week since California filed a brutal discrimination and harassment lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard following a two-year investigation. Last week and over the weekend, we covered both the “leaked”… pathfinder-headstart-epl-330-75x75 Pathfinder Online, Kickstarted for $1M in 2012, will sunset in November – I’m sorry to report that Paizo has announced the end of Pathfinder Online. MOP readers know that the MMO was Kickstarted for over a million dollars back in 2012, but its… neverwinter_BardReveal_Screenshot1-1-75x75 Neverwinter’s Jewel of the North is live on PC with the new Bard class and level squish – [AL:NW]It’s a big day for Neverwinter players, as Jewel of the North is live on the platform. This is the big update that’s adding the Bard class and squishing and… eve-online-that-new-stargate-smell-75x75 Stick and Rudder: Trying EVE Online as a new player in 2021 – It’s not often one has the opportunity to step into a bit of MMO history and do so with a fresh set of eyes and no expectations. Luckily, I’ve recently… wow-classic-2-75x75 Casually Classic: Making the call to quit WoW or not – A week ago I didn’t think I’d be sitting here and writing this, but I’m done with WoW Classic — and with this column. As you’ve no doubt read, last… wow-microholidays-epl-1221-75x75 An Activision-Blizzard worker was arrested for bathroom peeping in 2018 – We’re on day 10 of the Activision-Blizzard scandal – 10 days since we first learned California had filed a massive sexual discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard following a… crimsondesert8-75x75 Pearl Abyss has delayed Crimson Desert indefinitely – Earlier this month, when Pearl Abyss emerged from over six months of silence on Crimson Desert to post a mocap video, we speculated that the original “winter 2021” release date… wow-factor-class-epl-419-75x75 WoW Factor: Why does this latest Blizzard scandal feel so different? – I think anyone who has been a fan of World of Warcraft over the past two decades has been trying to parse out some difficult feelings this past week, and… lotro1-2-75x75 LOTRO Legendarium: 10 features that would make LOTRO even more fun – For me, it’s been a great month of easing back into Lord of the Rings Online after taking a sabbatical from Middle-earth. With the improved flow of information, more money… pokemon_unite_score-75x75 Massively on the Go: Pokemon Unite is genuinely fun – for new and casual MOBA players – When Pokemon Unite was first announced, I had severe doubts I’d even give it a shot. I know I’m the local Pokemon guy, but there are many games in the franchise I’ve never even touched, and… overwatch2-75x75 Massively Overthinking: Has Blizzard’s sexism lawsuit changed your gaming plans? – Following last week’s disturbing revelation that Blizzard has been covering up more than a decade of abuse and that the state of California is attempting to hold it accountable, there’s… facebook-75x75 Facebook is building a multi-billion dollar virtual universe – Normally, the announcement of a new MMO or virtual world would elicit nothing but excitement from our quarter, but there’s something ominous in hearing that Facebook is getting involved in… ffxiv-won-endwalker-1-epl-207-75x75 Final Fantasy XIV changes the Sage job icon in response to trypophobia sufferers – Today’s vocabulary word is “trypophobia,” which refers to a feeling of fear or disgust when seeing a small cluster of holes or bumps. Not familiar with it? Then you probably… destiny-2-75x75 Destiny 2 is on the verge of full cross-play between all platforms – If you’ve stuck it out with Destiny 2 for this long with the hopes that one day you might be united with your friends on other platforms, then get ready… the-ascent-bubble-shield-friends-75x75 Cyberpunk multiplayer shooter RPG The Ascent has officially released on Xbox and PC – Publisher Curve Digital and Swedish indie studio Neon Giant are offering up some twin-stick shooting ARPG goodness for yourself or a few of your friends with the launch of The… starbase3-75x75 Finnish sci-fi MMO Starbase has entered early access alpha on Steam – “The long wait is over and early access is here!” Starbase developer Frozenbyte declares this morning, and the studio is not kidding. The MMO-ish space game was announced in 2019… witcher_monster_slayer_stop_looking_at_your_phone-75x75 Massively on the Go: The Witcher Monster Slayer shows why Pokemon Go is still the best – Nearly a year ago, Niantic employees did a GDC presentation on Augmented Reality design practices, though it seemed a bit more like best practices than exactly what the company does… crowfall-angry-beef-75x75 Crowfall begins testing The Shadow update, plans capacity testing tonight – Can you believe Crowfall’s been live for three weeks now? It has, and ArtCraft is back with another weekly blog – and a tease for the upcoming patch. “Our next… newworld-2-75x75 New World beta player snags the name AmazonOfficial, uses game’s chat to troll Amazon – As anticipated as the game New World may be, we do have to bear in mind that Amazon, the company that’s funding Amazon Games’ development of the title, has been… the-division-2-75x75 Blizzard Day 9: Ubisoft stands in solidarity, Ashes of Creation buys Blizzard workers lunch – Blizzard Entertainment isn’t the only video game studio experiencing backlash from its employees over sexism and abuse. The Division 2 maker Ubisoft has long been weathering its own parallel scandals… bless-unleashed-75x75 Bless Unleashed opens up with its founders packs ahead of launch – All right. So we have a release date on PC for Bless Unleashed (specifically, August 6th). We have a clear picture of any and all changes coming to the game… lostark-1-75x75 Lost Ark reveals all of its ‘normalized’ founder packs and perks – Amazon and Smilegate have released a detailed blog post this afternoon focused on the upcoming Lost Ark’s founder packs. And cats. The cats are the star of the show here.… newworld09-75x75 Amazon addresses New World crashes, stability, and approach to exploits post-launch – Amazon Games has penned a letter for New World testers addressing the state of the game and its impending fixes. “[W]e created several test builds over the weekend and discovered… the-swordsmen-x-survival-sunset-75x75 Whatever happened to the Age of Wushu franchise? – This story has something of an interesting progression to it. It began with a dive into whatever happened to Age of Wushu, which then led to a revelation about Age… eve-online-grand-heist-75x75 EVE Online’s Grand Heist update goes live as players raise concerns about ISK login rewards for subscribers – Yesterday saw the bank robbing profession come to EVE Online as the Grand Heist update officially went live. Readers will recall that this update is effectively letting players become bank… overwatch-75x75 Blizzard workers plan walkout over sexism scandal, WoW team addresses playerbase – Axios is reporting that Blizzard workers have organized a walkout tomorrow to protest the company’s handling of the sexual harassment and sexual discrimination lawsuit that broke last week. According to… cma-header-wakfu-pandawas-75x75 Choose My Adventure: Wakfu definitely isn’t my cup of tea (and that’s OK) – Well, I tried, everyone. I really did. But sometimes you just have to sort of admit when you’re diametrically opposed to a game. Thus is the way with me and… pax-west-75x75 PAX West 2021 will require attendees to prove they’re vaccinated or COVID-free – PAX West won’t be letting folks through the doors unless they’re vaccinated or have successfully passed a recent COVID-19 test. The convention will require proof of one of the other… old-school-runescape-die-wolfo-i-need-cash-75x75 Old School RuneScape became a gold seller’s paradise fueled by Venezuelan hyperinflation – We can all agree that gold farmers in an MMORPG are a blight and that people shouldn’t support such “businesses,” but the problem of gold sellers being drawn in to… life-is-feudal-castle-on-the-hill-75x75 GDC 2021: Accessibility in gaming means innovation for everyone – You may have noticed that accessibility comes up a lot whenever we cover GDC, and GDC 2021 won’t be much different. However, while presentations often repeat some of their advice,… ffxiv-won-postfanfest-epl-516-75x75 Wisdom of Nym: Guessing at the next jobs of Final Fantasy XIV beyond Endwalker – So what are our next few jobs in Final Fantasy XIV? No, I don’t mean for Endwalker, we already know what we’re getting there. I mean what are our next…


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This week in MMO Week in Review (HotMMOWIR) we finished the Drakes’ Dragons storyline and the Blizzard walkout.. Read more about game debate and let us know what you think.

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