This week we had two major announcements for MMOs. First, Daybreak announced what will likely be their collapse in the industry, and second, at BlizzCon, Blizzard announced their new MMO, which they have since renamed to  “Project Titan.” As a reminder, Daybreak announced, and immediately closed, a brand new Battle Royale shooter, and they left the rest of the industry in confusion. That’s not to say Daybreak is terrible, but it’s hard to say they’re anything but in decline.

The past week was crazy full of news and events, but we still managed to cram in a lot of info and gameplay footage. Let’s break it down into a more manageable list:

As we’ve been telling you all week, BlizzCon was fun. We saw a lot of games, and got a lot of news. The big takeaway for the week is that we are definitely going to have a new game in the works. But that’s not all we found out at this year’s BlizzCon.

word-image-15359 It’s been a strange and busy week in MMO land: Daybreak Games got a ticket to 4Game, Blizzard cancelled BlizzCon again, New World tried to explain its monetization, and Ashes of Creation lost its lead designer. Meanwhile, we dive into Swords of Legends Online and learn that NCsoft will release Aion Classic in the West. This week we’re looking forward to the release of WoW Classic Burning Crusade and Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood, although Blackwood’s rollout is slightly smaller than expected. Today, as every Sunday, read Massively Overpowered’s weekly review for the best MMO news and opinions of the week!


LOTRO Legendarium : How the landscape difficulty slider changes the rules of the game – For a long time, one of the main complaints about Lord of the Rings Online was that… It’s too easy. Players note that for the most part…. The WoW Factor: What does BlizzCon’s absence mean for World of Warcraft? – So BlizzCon’s off this year. It’s not that none of them were originally planned, or at least in the early planning stages, of course (you can’t undo what you… Four winds: Explore the breathtaking world of Swords of Legends Online – Have you ever played a game where you knew exactly what you were going to get, and it only impressed you because it did it, but did it so well? Blizzard has cancelled BlizzCon again and will replace it with another online event in early 2022 – This is a blow to those who were hoping that this year’s BlizzCon would be a successful event that could turn the company around : Blizzard has just announced the cancellation of… New World will only sell cosmetic items until 2022 – Amazon’s New World was the subject of much discussion this month when a leak revealed the state of the cash shop in the alpha version of the game – including the fact that… EG7’s financials for Q1 2021: MMO Daybreak moves to 4Game platform – The acquisition of Daybreak by Swedish games company Enad Global 7 was one of the most talked-about MMO stories of 2020, and it continued to be a sign of hope for players,… Wave Patch Notes : Money Makes the MMO World Go Around – After the recent news about Star Trek Online, I started thinking about, you know… The game costs money and is expensive to make….. Jeffrey Bard, lead designer of Ashes of Creation, leaves Intrepid Studios to focus on VR development – Of all the former SOE and Daybreak developers who joined Intrepid Studios to work on Ashes of Creation, Jeffrey Bard was perhaps one of the biggest… New World offers a tour of lush Windsward – Will the summer of 2021 be the culmination of one of the biggest MMORPG releases in recent years? High hopes have been placed on the unproven Amazon Game Studios and their flagship game, New World….. Ashes of Creation gives a glimpse of Siege Zone gameplay – So far, Ashes of Creation has only shown a small amount of Siege Zone gameplay, specifically focused on fighting the bosses of Dragon’s World. Today, the developers of PvP MMORPGs are offering… A story update and music video to prepare you for WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade – It’s time. Well, it’s almost time. After nearly a decade and a half, The Burning Crusade returns to World of Warcraft – this time in WoW Classic. And if a player… Blizzard is already cracking down on Diablo II Resurrected modders and hackers – Apparently Blizzard has decided to crack down on the modding community that has formed around Diablo II : Got up. After the technical alpha – which, mind you, we… The Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III CU/NGE hybrid rogue server launches tonight – We will provide an update at the end of this post. The original article is below. Today is a joyous day for Star Wars fans in the MMO world, as the emulator community has worked hard to bring the game to life. Superheroic MMO City of Titans introduces player housing and team base decorating – In case you forgot that City of Titans was planning on offering housing at some point, well, they did, but we can be forgiven because this game was in… Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis includes a character creator and evaluation tool for PC – If you played the recent closed beta test of Phantasy Star Online 2 : New Genesis and want to be ready for the game’s release in June, or… Today, A Tale in the Desert enters its tenth year since 2003. Seasons come and go, and no MMO knows that better than A Tale in the Desert. Since the release of a non-combat, crafting-oriented game in 2003, the creators have… I think too much: How important is gear in your main MMO? – This week, exaggerated thinking comes to us thanks to a rant on the MMORPG subreddit that… Well, don’t judge by the title, okay? Author Galgox notes that the transmission… NCsoft seems to confirm that Aion Classic is coming to the West – Last fall, NCsoft announced a new Classic mode for Aion’s Korean servers. It was a great success, which helped the game get out of a big slump, as our… The Elder Scrolls Online brings a new unified learning experience with Update 30 – The learning experience for new characters will change when The Elder Scrolls Online launches the free Update 30 along with Blackwood next week, and it will be different for all… Dreamworld has indeed released an alpha version, and it’s just as bad as you imagined. Regular readers will already know that this game has been an adventure since it first appeared on Kickstarter. It is designed as a huge… Elder Scrolls Online’s in-game crate earning system won’t come with Blackwood – [AL:ESO]Whether or not you’re a fan of buying Elder Scrolls Online crown crates, you can’t deny that they don’t hide sweet treats. What if your wish is… Trove launches on Nintendo Switch this summer and has 28 million lifetime players – Remember when parent company Gamigo Media Games Invest Group told investors in April that it would be releasing Trove on Nintendo Switch later this year? It’s now officially here… Classic EverQuest launches two unique progression servers today – Remember when Daybreak announced in April that Classic EverQuest would be getting a new progression server? It always is. It’s even better if it happens today, and it does…. Perfect 10: MMO quests where you literally kill 10 rats – Webster’s dictionary describes killing 10 rats as something nerds do, so shut up and read some clever words. I think the editors have gotten a little lazy….. Elite Dangerous Odyssey links server issues to Fleet Carriers, promises performance improvements and outlines upgrade plan – David Braben, CEO of Frontier Developments, has spoken out again about Elite: It’s dangerous to let the community know about the ongoing problems with the Odyssey expansion. Braben first discovered… Echtra washes hands with Cursed Captain – The once-promising MMORPG game Torchlight has gotten so bad that even the developer is abandoning the game. On the right. Epic vs. Apple: Apple CEO cites App Store profits, but no data, closing argument – The antitrust lawsuit against Apple has entered its final phase, with a pivotal moment for Apple’s side when CEO Tim Cook… Riot’s League of Legends MMO: We’re going to make some decisions you might not agree with – This post is a regular reminder that Riot Games is working on an MMORPG whose name has not yet been officially announced. Something like that. Last December, it was announced that the project… Star Trek Online wraps up year-long Klingon Arc with today’s launch of House United on PC – [AL:STO]Today is launch day for Star Trek Online, at least if you’re happily anchored on the PC side of the Trek universe, because PWE and Cryptic have announced House United… Choose my adventure: Passing the Street of Nothingness in MapleStory – I have to admit that I’m really glad this game is behind me, and that makes me a little sad. MapleStory must have all the elements of something ….. A casual classic: Racial and Class Mount Ranking in WoW Classic – After the release of the WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-patch, characters who level up will be happy to hear that they can get a mount at level 30 instead of level 40. After all that… Star Citizen gives details on systems dealing with artificial intelligence, dynamic events and the economy – Star Citizen fans were treated to a huge outpouring of information in the form of a recent video from Persistent Universe director Tony Zurovets, who spoke about… Not on this scale: Magic Legends has already made some major changes, but there is still work to be done – Even as someone who loves the game, I have to admit that Magic: Legends had a very rough launch, with many polish issues and a relative lack of content. The last one… The Ashes of Creation by Steven Shareef: This industry needs people who take risks – In a Reddit thread titled I don’t understand the hype around Ashes of Creation , the project leader himself tried to explain the hype around this upcoming MMORPG….. Guild Wars 2 promotes season 2 of The Living World starting today – Free – [AL:GW2]As promised in the summer roadmap, Guild Wars 2 is preparing a series of events leading up to the big reveal of the End of Dragons in July. This week… Star Trek Online Team Explains Why Ships and Crates Come Out Faster Than Missions – If you’ve been playing Star Trek Online casually or regularly for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the game offers lots of ships to buy and crates full of… Elder Scrolls Online delays the Console Enhanced update until the 15th. June – Elder Scrolls Online has a big June coming up: In just over a week Blackwood will be released on PC, and in a week it should… Project Gorgon adds subscriptions and optional bonuses with today’s update – Project Gorgon is very popular here, and has won the title of best indie MMO for several years running thanks to its dogged determination to create the strangest and most creative…. Nym’s wisdom: The near loss of Soken changed our view of Final Fantasy XIV forever – I just can’t get over it. I don’t know how to get over it. Masayoshi Soken is one of the most talented composers in the industry. His work on Final Fantasy… word-image-15360 word-image-15361 word-image-15362 word-image-15363 word-image-15364 word-image-5601 word-image-15365 word-image-15366 word-image-15367 word-image-15368 word-image-15369 word-image-15370 word-image-15371 word-image-15372 word-image-15373 word-image-15374 word-image-15375 word-image-15376 word-image-15377 word-image-15378 word-image-15379 word-image-15380 word-image-5602 word-image-15381 word-image-5603 word-image-15382 word-image-15383 word-image-5604 word-image-15384 word-image-15385 word-image-15386 word-image-15387 word-image-15388 word-image-15389 word-image-15390 word-image-15391 word-image-15392 word-image-15393 word-image-15394


Check out our weekly MMO Weekly Roundup for the latest news in the MMO genre and the best content from Massively OP! Would you like a wider choice of materials? Try Betawatch on Friday for more on MMO testing, Make My MMO on Saturday for more on MMO crowdfunding, and The MOP Up on Sunday for a rundown of all the news we haven’t covered elsewhere yet. word-image-15395 ViewThis weekend was an exciting time for many different reasons, particularly because we had two major developer announcements and a new PVP game going into open beta.. Read more about ashes of creation features and let us know what you think.

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