This week, I was in San Diego for E3, a massive video game conference where hundreds of games are shown off to a cross-section of industry insiders, media, and gamers.

This week, the MMO world was divided as the long-awaited Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft was officially released. After years of anticipation, Blizzard’s flagship subscription-based MMORPG finally added an end-game raid, a grzoth, the new level cap of 70, and a host of new in-game items, features and systems. Meanwhile, the MMO world’s most popular game, World of Warcraft, was at a crucial point in its own history, having been forced to react to the recent launch of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. A month removed from its new expansion, the game has done well, with new monthly subscribers and hardware sales.

It’s MMO Week here at the Gamers’ Challenge, where we take a look at the MMOs that appeared between the past week and the past month, and try to figure out what happened with them. The week looked like this:

word-image-15594 It’s been a busy week for the MMO genre, with launches and betas all over the place: WoW Classic released a preliminary patch for Burning Crusade, Elite Dangerous launched Odyssey, Swords of Legends Online launched its first beta, and we gave our impressions of Bless Unleashed PC and PSO2 New Genesis. We also talked about the Brotherhood of Ice saga in Guild Wars 2 and the new Black Desert esports release, and we ended the week with another look at Blizzard. Today, as every Sunday, read Massively Overpowered’s weekly review for the best MMO news and opinions of the week!


New Blizzard analysis outlines five years of studio decline and developer exodus – Blizzard’s slow decline has been the subject of many stories in recent years, but sometimes it’s more interesting to see it all in one place, which… The WoW Factor: Are heroic dungeons the original sin of World of Warcraft’s current problems? – The launch of The Burning Crusade pre-patch in WoW Classic got me thinking about the features this expansion brought to World of Warcraft. I know, it will have to wait for the expansion actually ….. First impressions: Even in beta, New Genesis is the leap forward that the aging Phantasy Star Online 2 needed. Now it’s… It’s more like this. Last time I was with Phantasy Star Online 2, it seemed like a fun game to play….. First impressions: Bless Unleashed beta for PC is only enough of an improvement over the original Bless – I won’t say I had much time with the recent beta test of Bless Unleashed for PC – that’s what they call first impressions and… Desert Oasis : Black Desert wants to become esports now – Even though the San Francisco Giants won 6-2 over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday, the real highlight of my weekend was watching Arsh Arena in Black Desert….. Fleet carriers can jump back into Elite Dangerous Odyssey now that Frontier CEO David Braben apologizes for launch issues – David Braben, CEO and founder of Frontier Developments, would like to apologize to the general Elite audience: Unsafe player base due to unstable launch of Odyssey expansion, which… LOTRO gets a new producer and finally solves Anor’s portability problem – You know what went unnoticed in The Lord of the Rings Online this week – at least if you haven’t read the forums? The MMO is just… Here’s how Blizzard is changing tanks, group sizes and meta in Overwatch 2 – Did yesterday’s Overwatch 2 stream teach us anything useful from Blizzard’s new team leaders? But we did it, whether you like it or not. …. Star Citizen presents Invictus launch week free ship schedule, Scorpius ROI debuts – It’s Invictus launch week in Star Citizen, and since this event revolves around the UEE fleet showing off its military might, it’s also directly about ships : Expeditions to admire… No Man’s Sky’s latest expedition rewards Mass Effect’s SR1-claimed Normandy – In mid-May, No Man’s Sky launched Beachhead Expeditions, which players will remember as part of the new Expeditions multiplayer mode added to the survival game… The launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey was marked by a large number of new players, forced carriers, and attempted repairs – the world of Elite was not without its bumps: Dangerous. The launch of the Odyssey expansion on PC on Wednesday brought a slew of events for players… I think too much: How much should MMO subscriptions cost in 2021? – MMORPG blogger Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Noob posted a fantastic article this month about traditional $15 MMO subscriptions. He delves into ancient history as well as ordinary… Hands-on with Behemoth and Hunting Grounds Place of Creation and Punishment of Dauntless – It’s been a very long time since Dauntless had a new monster with a Radiant to destroy. For a long time, this element was associated with Rezakiri, and when… Bethesda closes official forums and moves to Discord, Elder Scrolls Online forums stay – Whether you love them for their communication, networking and messaging or despise them because they almost never seem like a happy place, the bottom line is that official game forums are something… Magic Legends’ patch for May includes the Pyromancer, and you can get it for free – Following the launch of the Pyromancer class yesterday, Magic Legends is offering a big May patch today – just as this article goes live, so if you… Vague indications on the patch: The MMO selfie feud – There’s actually no feud between the World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV development teams. Both teams congratulated each other on the successful start of the expansion. They exchanged good-natured jokes at ….. Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.55 Preview, Players Love Night Watch Kentaro Miura – The upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.55 is a small addition, but it completes the main storyline missions for Endwalker and gives players a new region to explore… Mythic Quest is a TV show about a fictional MMO studio. How well does it reflect the actual themes of MMOs? – As an avid MMO player and big fan of the series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I really enjoyed exploring Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet when it came out last year. The… Perfect 10 : Anything paid for in MMOs – I’ve said before that I have a complicated relationship with the term pay-to-win. On the one hand, it usually refers to something that doesn’t actually win, but… Swords of Legends Online’s first western beta pre-load has begun – If for some reason you haven’t had enough of the absolute deluge of beta tests and launches in May, Swords of Legends Online wants to… Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launches today on PC after 11 hours of maintenance – Today is the day that Elite: The dangerous ones can step out of their spaceships, stretch their space legs and feel their space butts again. Odyssey Expansion… WoW Classic’s Burning Crusade Era Pre-Patch Hosted by Player Mail – If you were one of the many hoping to witness the first minutes of the Burning Crusade Era in WoW Classic last night, you may have… Which Star Wars Galaxies rogue server is for you? Here’s the best list we’ve seen – Lately, you may have noticed that the pirate server industry in MMORPGs is booming, especially for beloved MMOs that have been removed for stupid reasons – and that includes… NCsoft’s 1st quarter 2021 financial report: Overall sales down 30%, but Guild Wars 2 gains ground – NCsoft hasn’t had the best of quarters. According to the company’s report for the first quarter of 2021, revenues were down 30% compared to the same quarter last year, which… A casual classic: Memories of Rookie Zones in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade – When it comes to Burning Crusade, when it comes to which zones players prefer, the focus is almost always exclusively on the seven additional Outland regions (for reference, I’m very… World of Warcraft: Pre-Patch for The Burning Crusade Launches Today – WoW Classic players can start leveling up their Blood Elves and Drenaeus today, as the pre-patch for The Burning Crusade has been released today. This means that… The flame seeker chronicles: Guild Wars 2 Icebreaker Saga’s Disappointing Part 2 – Welcome to the second part of the Guild Wars 2 Icebreaker Saga review. Last time, I explained that the first half of the saga was mostly about the transformation of… ZOS director says The Elder Scrolls Online will continue to release content as long as players remain loyal to the game – [AL:ESO]How long can an MMORPG last? Sure, there are games that have been around for decades, but those are extreme cases at best. ZeniMax Online Studios director Matt Firor… Ashes of Creation lifts verbal secrecy clause, unleashing a flood of comments from public testers – Ashes of Creation may have delayed Alpha One testing until late summer, but the upcoming MMO isn’t losing its voice on the matter. In fact, Intrepid Studios… Nym’s wisdom: Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest Endwalker Reveal Review – I ended the first night of Fanfest a little disappointed at how long it will be before the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion comes out. I finished the second night… is working as it should: A tour of my new SWG Legends houses (and a look at Deco Bespin!) – If you’re a fan of MMORPG houses, Star Wars, Star Wars Galaxies in particular, or just MMOs, then this very self-indulgent video from Working As Intended is for you. From… word-image-15595 word-image-15596 word-image-15597 word-image-15598 word-image-5647 word-image-15599 word-image-15600 word-image-15601 word-image-15602 word-image-15603 word-image-15604 word-image-15605 word-image-15606 word-image-15607 word-image-15608 word-image-15609 word-image-15610 word-image-15611 word-image-15612 word-image-15613 word-image-15614 word-image-15615 word-image-15616 word-image-15617 word-image-15618 word-image-15619 word-image-15620 word-image-15621 word-image-5648 word-image-15622 word-image-15623


Check out our weekly MMO Weekly Roundup for the latest news in the MMO genre and the best content from Massively OP! Would you like a wider choice of materials? Try Betawatch on Friday for more MMO testing, Make My MMO on Saturday for more MMO crowdfunding, and The MOP Up on Sunday, with a recap of all the news we’re not covering anywhere else. word-image-15624 ViewThis week saw the release of several new MMOs, including the latest expansion in Blizzard’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack, the launch of the Xbox Live version of Warhammer Online, and a new MMO called Bless Online. The Burning Crusade, which is the first expansion to World of Warcraft, will also be receiving a free update in March, while the new MMO, The Old Republic: Legends, will be launching on February 29th.. Read more about wow classic tbc blood elf and let us know what you think.

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