Metroid: Dread’s producer defended the game’s difficulty, saying that players should learn how to play the title in order to get better.

The “metroid games” is a video game franchise that has been around for decades. The latest installment, “Metroid Dread,” was released in August 2017 and it has received mixed reviews. One of the most controversial aspects of the game is its difficulty level. Producer Mike Sneath defends this aspect of the game.

Metroid Dread Producer Defends Game’s Difficulty


Metroid Dread turned out to be one of the year’s top games. However, several players expressed dissatisfaction with the level design, claiming that it made the game more difficult to finish.

It turns out that’s exactly what the game’s creators had in mind all along.

Metroid Dread producer Yoshio Sakamoto remarked in a translated interview with Famitsu that the team matched game design with pacing:

We’ve developed a lot of Metroid games at this point, and we’ve given a lot of attention to what the right pacing is for each one. We made the action in Metroid Dread as fast as possible.

Each Metroid’s game design compliments the action, and this time, it’s very simple to manage, which I like. I believe this is the most action-packed Metroid game ever.

Sakamoto also said that the game’s tempo had a role in determining the difficulty level:

During development, we were used to the difficulty, making it impossible to imagine how a new player might feel. Balancing is challenging in any game, but Nintendo and MercurySteam were both anxious to make the action seem fluid.

E.M.M.I. is unlike anything else that has been done before, and we had a lot of people play it so that we could fine-tune the balance for an action game. One of the things we worked on was making sure that if a player gets a game over, they knew what to do next time.

Success in both critical and economical areas

The difficulty of Metroid Dread has had little effect on how well it has been received by reviewers and gamers alike. The game has a Metacritic score of 88, and it sold more copies at launch than any previous Metroid game.

Metroid Dread was also nominated for Game of the Year at both The Game Awards and the Golden Joystick Awards. It’s reasonable to say that the game has performed well.


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