In MapleStory, the latest update, the Kain class is now available. The class is yet another option that players can choose from, and it’s available to both male and female players. You can also change your character’s gender in-game.

MapleStory is a fantasy MMORPG that has become wildly popular in South Korea and elsewhere. The game’s latest update, version 2.1, adds the dark and brooding bow-wielding Kain class.

MapleStory , a popular MMORPG developed by South Korean game production company Neople, released a new class to its Western version to the dismay of many fans. The Kain class, which was an iconic character from the Japanese anime series “Death Note”, is a bow-wielding, black-cloaked class that can wield a wide variety of weapons, including swords, daggers, and even axes. The class was originally released to the Japanese version of MapleStory in September 2015 and then released to the Western version in December 2016, with the class also becoming available to the Chinese MapleStory version in January 2017.

Forget the jolly, quipping and thwipping bow users you’re used to: MapleStory’s new bow-wielding class means serious business. You can tell by the mouth covering, the super serious jacket, and the apparently brooding backstory. This guy is not here to fire one-liners. He’s here to fire arrows. Dark arrows. His name is Kain, and he’s the marquee feature of the MMO’s latest update.

“Kain is a mighty bowman with a terrifyingly lethal power, manifesting from the Malice gems distributed to all of the Drakas that dominate Toolen City. Armed with his rage and the deadly Whispershot hand-crossbow, his search for his past and his desire to break free of his servitude will lead him to unleash his power upon all of Maple World.”

Kain’s combination of skills allow him to be effective at short to medium range, with a pool known as Possession that builds with landed attacks that can be spent on certain skills, which in turn can be followed up with Execute skills. The newly arrived class also comes with a leveling event that runs between now and July 20th that dishes out chests full of goodies when certain leveling milestones are met. More information can be found in the patch notes.


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 The MapleStory team recently announced the release of an upcoming update to the MMO that includes the Kain class. This new class is a traditional bow user similar to the staple archer classes in many MMORPGs, but instead of a set of arrows, Kain has a set of two large, dark blades that he can use to cleave his enemies. As a bow user, Kain has access to a handful of ranged attacks that allow him to deal massive amounts of damage from afar.. Read more about kain maplestory link and let us know what you think.

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