The first week of the LPL saw a lot of upsets, as teams that were predicted to be at the bottom found themselves in contention for victory. With two more weeks left we’ll see how these early underdogs continue their underdog story and whether they can hold onto it all the way through to playoffs.

The “lpl lol” is a League of Legends match that happened on March 22nd, 2022. The game was between the Los Angeles Pride and the Shanghai Dragons. The Shanghai Dragons won the game with a score of 2-1.

LPL 2022 Spring Week 1: FPX surprised RNG, BLG defeated WBG

Week 1 of the LPL 2022 Spring Split


  • Thunder Talk Gaming 2 — 0 Oh My God
  • Never Give Up — FunPlus Phoenix 2 — 1 Royal


  • 0 — 2 JD Gaming Gaming, Edward
  • Anyone’s Legends — LGD Gaming 1 — 2


  • Top Esports — Rare Atom 2 — 0
  • LNG Esports Ultra Prime 0 — 2


  • Thunder Talk Gaming 0 — 2 Invictus Gaming
  • Weibo Gaming 0 — 2 Team WE


  • FunPlus Phoenix 0 — LGD Gaming
  • 0 — 2 Anyone’s Legends Oh, my goodness!
  • JD Gaming 2 — 1 Royal Never Give Up


  • 0 — 2 Thunder Talk Gaming Gaming, Edward
  • Top Esports — Ultra Prime 1 — 2
  • LNG Esports 1 vs. LNG Esports 2


  • Invictus Gaming 2 — 0 Oh My God
  • Victory Five 1 — 2 Team WE
  • Weibo Gaming 2 — Bilibili Gaming

LNG Esports began their spring season with two straight victories against Ultra Prime and Rare Atom. Doinb was vital in his new team’s ability to capture the global gold lead, as he commanded the macro game throughout both games.

Tian was benched by Top Esports following his questionable performance against RA. The two past finalists, TES and JDG, will have a difficult time in the 2022 LPL Spring Split.

BLG was another squad that had a predictable start to the season. In the last set of the week, they dominated WBG, with Doggo making his LPL debut. We’ve already discussed how BLG assembled a strong lineup by purchasing Breathe, FoFo, and Crisp. BLG earned its first victory after a hard struggle against WBG, despite giving Doggo a chance instead of playing alongside Uzi.

The complete schedule for the 2022 LPL Spring Split can be found here.


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Fnatic Destroyed Team BDS, MAD Lions Squeezed Vitality

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