The recently-released expansion, The Lord of the Rings Online: Hidden Hoard of Annúminas arrives for players on September 12th. Get prepared with a character wipe, and visit the exciting new content! Plus, check out this player made map to show off your adventure.

The “embers of enchantment lotro” is a player-made map that takes place in the Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra T3. This week, LOTRO opens the new area to players.

LOTRO opens Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra T3 this week, plus check out this amazing player-made map


The 32.0.3 patch for Lord of the Rings Online is out today, and although it may not have the most thrilling name, there’s still some excellent things in it, like the debut of Gundabad’s The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra T3 raid, which will go live at noon on March 10th.

“Abnankâra, the Hiddenhoard, is beyond the falls of Amgaruslun in the Clovengap.” It was formerly an ancient treasure crafted in secret by Mótsog and the Greymauls during their uprising against the Longbeards in the Elder Days, but it has since become the home of Hrmil Frost-heart, Morgoth’s feared cold-dragon. Hrmil tends to her wounds and sleeps in this freezing refuge, dreaming of revenge on Prince Durin and the dwarves of the Gabil’akkâ…”

In addition to multiple item and class changes, the patch adds new music boxes to different rep sellers.

In other Lord of the Rings Online news, anybody interested in the game – or even Tolkien’s Middle-earth – should visit the game’s Reddit, where user Aztur29 has provided one of the greatest maps of the game globe, complete with levels and zone bridges. The in-game landscapes are magnificent, but it’s hard to view everything at once, and you’ll be zooming in and out of pocket portions of zones, particularly in later zones, so the grandeur of the globe may quickly be lost. This is where you’ll find it.

u32 from lotro LOTRO linked zone map (re-upload)


The “elderslade supply pack” is a player-made map that was recently released. The map is called Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra T3 and it opens this week. In addition to the map, LOTRO also has a new questline available for players.

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