A gaming studio started a new game that has been released exclusively in Russia, but the payments for it are not showing up on their accounts. The issue is at least partially attributed to government interference with digital wallets

Lord of the Rings Online studio says payments from Russia are blocked


Due to the continuing war in Ukraine and the restrictions imposed on Russia, making purchases in Lord of the Rings Online has become more difficult. Standing Stone Games issued a quick message on Facebook in answer to a query regarding its opinion on the Ukraine invasion, giving us an idea of what’s going on at the studio level.

“We didn’t really need to do anything to block transactions since they occurred anyhow,” the studio claimed. “Payment processing from Russia has been suspended for a time at the payment processor level,” the studio stated. “However, at the time, it is not typically feasible to make a purchase in our game from Russia.”

“We have individuals here with families, friends, and loved ones in the area,” SSG officials said, “and our heart goes out to everyone over there.”

SSG and Daybreak are presently owned by Swedish business EG7, which also owns Russian publisher Innova Games, however gamers may recall the Columbus Nova incident from years before, since several of the big players from that debacle are now active in EG7’s leadership.

“We are extending the period available to gain the Leading the Charge Deed for The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra for all levels until May 18th, 2022,” the studio said of a tweak to an accomplishment tied to LOTRO’s newest raid. Tier 4 will be accessible in early April, and Tier 5 will be available closer to our anniversary.”

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