With a new expansion and the release of their 10th anniversary, Lord of the Rings Online is one fine game. A great time to be playing with friends in Middle-earth!

The “lotro update” is a new update for Lord of the Rings Online that has just been released. The game won at anniversary presents with today’s update.

Lord of the Rings Online just won at anniversary presents with today’s update


Allow me to send you the nicest PSA you’ll see all day: If you have even a passing interest in Lord of the Rings Online — or more! — you should absolutely join in for the game’s 15th anniversary, which starts today. That’s because, to commemorate the event, Standing Stone Games is giving away the mother of all anniversary gift packages.

LOTRO features a plethora of gifts for everyone, in addition to all of the upcoming content (High Elf, Rune-keeper, Warden, Beorning, and all quests/expansions through Gondor). A corgi pet, an unique starry mount, a Starlight cloak, a light weapon aura, mithril coins, a free Gift of the Valar level boost, other boosts and tokens, a carry-all, a free riding trait, and collector’s editions of Mordor, Minas Morgul, and War of Three Peaks will all be given to all players.

Some of these goodies will only be given to the first character you log into during the event, so be sure that’s the one you want to get them.

Not only that, but LOTRO is also giving out 15-year giftboxes to long-time players, which feature pyrotechnics, a new picture frame, and a title.

These gifts follow the commencement of today’s anniversary celebrations (which include new rewards and a featured instance) as well as the release of Yondershire.

LOTRO is the source of this information. GumpsGang, you’re the best!


lotro server status” is a tool that provides information on the current status of Lord of the Rings Online servers. It also includes an overview and detailed information about each server.

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