The League of Legends Championship Series is the premier competitive circuit for professional video game players in North America and Europe. This split, a new player has been introduced to the scene: TSM’s Xiye.
Expert Opinion:  The introduction of this new player caused controversy as he won his first three games and was subsequently banned from playing again due to being suspected of fraudulently obtaining account access on other accounts which helped him climb into Challenger ranked solo queue with an initial win/loss record that could not be verified as legitimate (a situation known colloquially in gaming circles as “jank”).

The “league of legends esports” is a popular game that has been around since 2009. The LEC (League of Legends Championship Series) is the highest level league in League of Legends. In this article, we will take a look at the Spring Split Week 3 Recap.

LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 3 Recap

Fnatic’s disappointment is understandable, given that they altered their starting lineup prior of the 2022 Spring. Adapting Humanoid and Razork to the current meta should be the top priority for the coaching team. Wunder should also refrain from acting alone. They have till the playoffs to clarify their responsibilities in the squad.

Team BDS defeated Astralis, the LEC’s lone winless team, for the second time. G2 aims to ensure its playoff berth by avoiding allowing surprises, therefore Vitality continues to farm lesser rosters. MAD also has no plans to abandon their pursuit of G2, despite the fact that its rookie player, Reeker, has fallen short of expectations.

Week 3 of the LEC 2022 Spring Split


  • Astralis 0 — 1 Team BDS
  • MAD Lions 0 — 1 Excel
  • SK Gaming 0 — 1 Team Vitality
  • Rogue 1 — 0 Fnatic
  • Misfits Gaming 0 — 1 G2 Esports


  • SK Gaming 0 — 1 Team BDS
  • Excel 0 — 1 Astralis
  • MAD Lions 0 — 1 Misfits Gaming
  • Rogue 1 — 0 Team Vitality
  • Fnatic 0 — 1 G2 Esports

Day 2: Fnatic ended the week without a victory.

The most anticipated match of the week, between G2 and FNC, demonstrated that there is no clear favorite for the title. G2 defeated their opponent, spearheaded by the Flakked-Targamas pair, despite not being as excellent as Fnatic in prior weeks. Fnatic had the early game under control, but their macro decisions allowed G2 to reclaim the match. They tried battles with Razork and Humanoid in the middle of the game, but they failed miserably.

In the bot lane, Flakked stayed hard against Upset. In his lane, Aatrox’s Broken Blade choice was incredibly effective. Thanks to Fnatic’s mind-blowing plays, G2 was the one who chose how the game would progress from a particular point. With this outcome, both teams are tied for second place.

Rogue extended their six-game winning run by defeating Vitality, the LEC’s elite squad. With his outstanding Caitlyn performance versus the previous champion, Carzzy, Comp was named MVP. Rogue adjusted for the mid-gap between Perkz and Larssen by using other lanes. Starting with the pick-ban screen, Rogue was one step ahead of their opponent in terms of strategy, pace, and map control.

In addition, the match-up between Malrang and Selfmade, who are undoubtedly two of the finest jungle players in the LEC in their present forms, was exciting to watch. With Comp, Rogue established a clear lead. Malrang was more concerned with keeping his current lead than with developing a new winning condition on his own. 37E

When Rogue went up against their strongest opponents, they finished the week unbeaten. Team BDS ended Week 3 with two victories, which might be crucial to their playoff chances. At the completion of their first seven matches, Astralis have yet to win a game. MAD Lions were defeated by Misfits Gaming, tying them for fourth place.

The LEC’s Week 4 will open off on Friday with a last rematch between MAD and Fnatic, while Rogue will look to extend their victory run against G2 on Saturday. The LEC’s official Twitch and YouTube channels will broadcast all of the action. Keep your cool!


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