To all League of Legends lovers:   there is a problem in LoL that you haven’t heard about.   It is called “Blue Essence Farming”.   The “Blue Essence Farming” is the most important problem in LoL gaming.   It is very difficult to play LoL if you don’t get the blue essence.   But there is a problem!   How do you get the blue essence?   How do you get the blue essence fast?   How do you get the blue essence without getting into trouble?   How do you get the blue essence without getting banned?   How do you get the blue essence without getting too much trouble?   And many more questions.   So, here are some answers to the questions above.

The League of Legends is a free to play MOBA. This League of Legends Farming Guide will show you the best way to farm Blue Essence, which is a currency you need to purchase items in the game. If you dont have enough Blue Essence, you can skip the last part of this guide and come back to it later.

Blue essence is the main raw material in League of Legends. How to buy the most important thing in the game: the champions! Every time I want to buy a new champion, I always need an extra two or three thousand in blue (BE) gas. Looking for more tips and tricks on LoL ? Click to see all our League of Legends guides . Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get BE! In this article, I’ll show you some easy ways to get blue gas fast and answer some frequently asked questions from players about this handy resource.

How to get blue petrol in LoL: Top 5 methods

Let’s start with one of the easiest (and probably the best) ways to harvest blue League of Legends essence. 1 /5

Opening of Champion Pods

Image : Riot games word-image-11293 word-image-11294 Champion capsules are the easiest and most effective way to grow BE. You get a capsule every time you level up, so you don’t have to do anything complicated. Champion capsules usually yield 1 to 3 champion shards and sometimes a fixed amount of BE. Champion shards can be given away in exchange for BE, or you can unlock the champion the shard is linked to at a discounted BE price. My experience is that it is usually 750-1000 BE per capsule. 2 /5

Daily use

Each day you get an assignment called First Day of Victory. If you complete this quest, you will receive 50 BE and 400 XP. This also applies to other game modes, including ARAM modes and event rotation modes, if available. 3 /5


Image: Riot Games word-image-11295 word-image-11296 From time to time, the League hosts events where event tokens are distributed. Event tokens can usually be redeemed for a number of items, including exclusive skins, emoji and chrome. However, you can also use them to buy EB. Using event tokens on BE is one of the fastest ways to farm in the game, so I highly recommend doing this when events are coming up. Also, there are usually a lot of missions in the events, and for some of them you can get chests, champion shards and/or BEs by completing them, so keep an eye out for them. These events usually coincide with the release of new skin lines, important holidays, and esports events like World’s and MSI. 4 /5


Boxes have a chance to reward you with a champion shard that can be turned into a BE. Coffins can be obtained by getting an S- or higher in the game, or by teaming up with a teammate who has achieved a major victory. You can only have one champion per season and only a certain number per month. Coffins are a slow way to get BE because of all the restrictions involved, but they are worth getting if you can. 5 /5

Export control

Image: Riot Games word-image-11297 word-image-11298 Want to know how to get free Blue Essence in LoL ? Look at Cybersport! That’s right – Riot often gives out rewards for watching League of Legends Cybersports games live. To receive these rewards, you must log into your Riot account while watching. You must watch the game on League eSports to receive the reward, so make sure you don’t accidentally watch the game elsewhere. The specific rewards you get depend on the event, so find out ahead of time what you need to do. MSI and Worlds are the two most important events of the year, so I expect the awards to be active at least during those two events.

Questions and Answers How do I get blue gas in League of Legends

Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions from the League community.

What is blue petrol?

Blue Essence is an in-game currency that you can use to buy new champions. It can also be used to buy different cosmetic products from time to time.

Is blue petrol the same as PI?

A little. Blue gasoline has the same function as PI before it was removed in 2017. The only difference is the recording method.

Do I get blue fuel at the end of each game?

No. Unlike the previous IP system, Blue Essence accumulates as you level up or obtain rewards and chests.

What can I spend the blue petrol on?

The main thing you want to spend blue gas on is new champions. They range from 450 to 6,300 (or 7,800 in a week or so when a new champion is released). In some cases you can use blue essence to buy cosmetic items, but unless you already have all the champions you want, it’s best to use BE only for champions.

How much blue gasoline is in the champion’s capsule?

The exact amount varies, but is usually between 750 and 1,000 BE. Champion capsules give you BE in the form of champion shards, which you can then take apart or unlock.

What events give the blue gasoline?

All events yield event tokens, which can then be exchanged for BEs. The exchange rate is usually 1:1.

How do you get blue gasoline by watching cybersports?

When big cyber sporting events take place, there are usually a few missions that reward you for watching. When these missions are active, just see what you have to do and what the reward will be. I can’t predict exactly how it will go for each event, so read the tasks carefully to make sure you get your rewards.

What is the best way to get blue gasoline?

Without a doubt, the best way to obtain the Blue Essence is to open the Champion Capsules. The daily victory mission is a great second best option, but the champion pods give the most BE.

Do coffins always give blue fuel?

I’m afraid not. Sometimes you will find skin chips or other cosmetics in the boxes that cannot be converted to BE. Nevertheless, they are worth purchasing as soon as they get the chance. And even if they don’t, there’s nothing wrong with a new skin or a new neighborhood.

How many champion capsules do you need to buy a champion at 6300?

The exact number varies, but it probably takes about 7. Maybe you’re lucky and only need 5 or 6, or maybe a different scenario arises and you need more than 10. But since you can get BE through daily tasks and other means, it won’t take long to collect all the BE you need.   word-image-3842 word-image-3843


So much for our guide to blue essences – thanks for reading! We hope you’ve learned enough here about how to mine blue essence to unlock your most coveted champions in no time. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more tutorials like this one. Enjoy the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get blue essence?

Blue essence is a currency you can get in League of Legends, the most popular online video game in the world. You can use it to buy a range of things within the game, including items, champion skins, and champions, with some players spending hundreds of dollars a month on the currency. It’s a lot of fun getting blue essence fast, and the only way to get it is to try and farm it. League of Legends is a game that’s dedicated to champion collecting, and is very popular among the community, but how do you get blue essence to get new champions? If you’re like me, the answer is quite simple: farm blue essence. Farming blue essence is the fastest way to get blue essence, but there are different ways to do so. The first one is through normal game play, but this is not the fastest method, since you can only get a limited amount of blue essence per game. The second one is through leveling up, and the third is by farming. But this option is quite expensive in terms of time and money, so let’s try the second option:

How do I get more blue essence in League of Legends?

To unlock blue essence in League of Legends you need to be playing matches on Summoner’s Rift. You will need to play a game each hour to unlock it. You can also buy it with Riot Points which you can get from playing games, winning games and buying them with real money. I would recommend buying it with real money because you get a lot more gains than from playing the game. If you want to know how to farm blue essence faster you can check out my guide on this. Global eSports has broken into the mainstream in a way that few other pastimes or hobbies have with the advent of League of Legends. The game has now been adapted into a film, TV series, and it’s own franchise. If you’re a fan of League, then you’ve no doubt been watching the new movie, or trying to break into the scene yourself. One of the most important things you can do is farm blue essence with a variety of strategies to obtain it. You’ll need this essence to upgrade your favorite champions, and improve your chances of winning.

How long does it take to get 6300 Blue essence?

Blue essence is a rare resource found in League of Legends. Blue essence can be obtained through the regular Summoner’s Rift game mode, but has a 1/60 chance of dropping. However, there is a big difference between obtaining blue essence through normal means, and farming it for profit. So, I decided to find out the fastest way to obtain 6300 blue essence as a League of Legends player. Blue essence is by far one of the most sought-after items in League of Legends. You can sell it on the marketplace for a fat stack of gold, but only if you know how to farm it. The process involves farming specific map objectives, and can take anywhere from 5 minutes to up to three hours! If you’ve never done it before, then this guide is for you.

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