I want to talk a little about weapons, but before I do that, I want to go over the use of endings. In general, the way I see it, a good ending is one that shows a natural progression of the story. Some shows use bad ends, which are just sudden and unsatisfying endings that pretend the story didn’t have a natural progression. One example of this is when you kick the bucket, the game should end then, not as you die. However, we can go even further than that. A bad ending is one where you expect it to end, but then the story just continues. If the story were to continue, then it could be said that the ending is also unsatisfying. An unsatisfying ending is just

We recently updated our Konosuba Fantastic Days guide, which includes the new Trial Weapon & Ultimate Weapons obtained in the Konosuba Volume 5 manga. This includes all the new Trial Weapon & Ultimate Weapons that were obtainable in the Volume 5 manga, as well as any weapons that were obtainable in the Volume 1-4 manga that weren’t included in Konosuba Volume 5. If you ever wanted to know what weapons you could get in the Konosuba series, be sure to check it out, as we’ve updated it to include all the weapons that you can get!

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Old V1 Ultimates (Originals)Ultimates’ iconsNew V2 Ultimates (Reworked)377% Elementless magic damage to one enemy and heals the party by a medium amount of HPEEPDeals 241% Earth Elemental Physical damage to all enemies and applies them a T3 Speed Debuff.

I’ll keep this one short: “All trial weapons and ultimates lists will be kept on this website only. If the list differs on the official website, this list will take precedence.”. Read more about konosuba fantastic days wiki and let us know what you think.

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