This is a review of my experience playing King of Fighters XV on the PS4. I’ve been looking forward to this game for quite some time, and I feel that it lives up to every expectation. The gameplay feels at home on the modern consoles with its fast paced combat and special move system, as well as great presentation from SNK Playmore which brings back memories from arcade days.,
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“King of Fighters XV Review: Teamwork is What’s Gonna’ Work” is a review for the upcoming fighting game King of Fighters XV. The game is set to release on February 1st, 2019.

King of Fighters XV Review: Teamwork is What’s Gonna' Work

It may not feel like it’s been that long since the previous entry in this long-running SNK series, thanks to the recent re-release of King of Fighters XIV (at least on PlayStation 4). Since the announcement of King of Fighters XV at EVO 2019, fans have been anxiously anticipating the series’ development. The outcomes of King of Fighters XV are sure to thrill fighting game fans worldwide.

KoF XV seems like a step forward from the previous game. It’s more polished and shinier, with largely minor tweaks and modifications to the game’s core combat systems. Long-time fans will certainly notice the changes to the battle “systems,” but the main point for everyone else is that there are more special moves than ever before. 

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Players may now counterattack with the conventional quarter-circle advance in Shatter Strike. Max Mode is back in KoF XIV, and it’s better than ever. Max uses a leveled-up power gauge that accumulates throughout battle to boost a fighter’s attack and Guard Crush strength. A new Quick Max Mode has been introduced, which activates Max mode by scoring a hit right after it is activated. As a result, there’s a potential to start a combo right away. 

There are a slew of technical features to KoF XV, including a literal avalanche of special move types: EX and Super Special Moves, MAX Super Special Moves, Climax Super Special Moves, and so on. There’s also Rush Mode, which involves slamming a light punch to trigger a flurry of combination attacks. 

None of these additions breathe new life into KoF XV. Anyone who has played the previous games will recognize the fundamental gameplay and the majority of the excellent 39 character pool (split over 13 teams). That isn’t a criticism in any way. Nobody expects a sequel to radically overhaul itself, particularly in arcade combat. To put it simply, KoF XV is a fantastic game. The action is fast-paced, the controls are excellent, and there’s lots of variety in terms of characters, special moves, and fighting styles.

The Unreal engine is used to great effect in KoF XV. Its figures are drawn in an almost cell-shaded anime manner. Although the fights are still completely 3D, the bright, vibrantly colored graphics and flawless movement give the game a unique vibe. Character designs are generally unchanged from previous installments, with a range of bombastic styles for the many hard fighting men and women.


The outrageousness of some of the female warriors, in particular, has improved a little. A few dubious designs stick out, like Angel, who seems to be a cowgirl-themed stripper, and Shermie, who… I’m not sure, except that someone at SNK has specific preferences. We could bring up Mai, the top-heavy ninja, but at this moment, all we can think of is how much back agony she must be in.

Although the backgrounds are still mostly 2D to reflect the gameplay, some of the new venues are breathtaking. The inclusion of a Metal Slug-themed section will delight long-time SNK fans. Though the voice work is primarily still in Japanese, the music is fantastic and the score is remarkably diverse. 

The narrative mode picks off where KoF XIV left off, with a very fascinating (though somewhat irritating) final boss scenario. There are training and practice modes, as well as a versus mode for coaching players or playing against the AI, but online play is where the real action lies.

Playing in ranked or casual matches is straightforward enough, but in KoF XV, you must choose your squad ahead of time, which is a rather difficult process. The team management and selection choices are tucked away under the profile settings, making it strangely cumbersome to conduct the most fundamental job of selecting your characters.

SNK is convinced that the net code has been enhanced further, despite concerns with the online performance of KoF XIV at launch. We were unable to test this, but considering how well XIV’s Ultimate Edition ran online, such issues should be a thing of the past.

The Bottom Line in King of Fighters XV



  • Great appearance and 3-on-3 combat action.
  • End boss is very awesome.
  • With a large character roster and variety of specialities, the game has a surprising complexity of play mechanics.
  • There are a variety of online and offline game types to choose from.


  • With nothing new to offer, it seems more like an improvement than a complete sequel.
  • The online lobby arrangement is somewhat perplexing and depends on pre-made fighter teams.
  • Some of the character designs are rather dubious if you’re above the age of 14.

The plot from the previous game is completed in King of Fighters XV, but there are no other noteworthy changes. It’s a great all-around fighter with a lot of potential on the tournament circuit. Nonetheless, we can’t help but feel like we’ve played this game before.

[Note: The copy of King of Fighters XV used for this review was given by SNK and Koch Media.]

The “king of fighters 5” is a fighting game that focuses on teamwork. The king of fighters XV review will focus on the team-oriented gameplay and how it works in this installment.

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