In the latest episode of The Great British Baking Show, Julian and Marco have a heated argument over whose recipe is better. Which team should you support?

Julian or Marco, Who Should You Side With?

In Dying Light 2, you must decide whether to strike a deal with Marco or confess the truth in order to rescue Julian. But which of Julian and Marco should you choose? What are the ramifications?

In Dying Light 2’s Cheers side mission, you must select between Julian and Marco. While the implications aren’t life-changing, it’s crucial to be aware of them, particularly if you want to change the world in your own image.

Thanks for playing Dying Light 2’s Side Quest. Julian and Marco are a couple.

One of the first side tasks you’ll come across in Dying Light 2 is Cheers. It begins to open up the game’s environment and forces you to make a critical choice.

You must first talk with Julian in the Bazaar to begin the quest. This will happen during the main storyline’s mission The Only Way Out. Your mission is to determine if Julian poisoned the water he’s been selling; the reality is, Marco poisoned the water when a zombie fell into one of his bathtubs.

Marco tries to explain why the water was left unattended, leading to Julian’s accusation of selling deadly water at the Bazaar once it had found its way there. You may either accept Marco’s offer of wheat and incentives in exchange for your silence, or you can side with Julian and disclose the truth about Marco.

Here’s how you choose between Julia and Marco in Dying Light 2 to make the greatest selection.

Take Marco’s Deal.

If you choose to Take Marco’s Deal., and not Tell it like it is, you’ll be rewarded with some XP, flour, and cash. If you go down this route and side with Marco, the quest will end here.

Note: You cannot Take Marco’s Deal. and tell Julian the truth; it’s one or the other.

Although you may return to the Bazaar and speak with Julian, after you’ve accepted the agreement, your only choice is to certify that Marco’s water was not poisoned, causing Julian’s accusers to detain him.

Tell it like it is

It’s the right thing to do to tell the people of the Bazaar the truth about Marco, but is it the right thing to do? If you choose this path, Marco will turn on you and battle you to the death.

Marco Boss fight in Dying Light 2

Marco is a skilled fighter, therefore defeating him may be difficult. You may loot his corpse for wheat, XP, and other benefits after he’s dead.

Although you will not be as well compensated if you select Julian over Marco, there is a feeling of pride in stating the truth and not allowing an innocent man to perish for something he did not commit.

It’s all up to you.

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