In a world where cities are growing at an exponential rate, the need for more space has never been greater. However, this comes with a cost – increased energy consumption and pollution.

The humankind game is a city-building game that allows players to build and manage their own civilization. In order to increase the capacity of your city, you will need to construct buildings such as hospitals, schools, and factories.

Humankind City Cap - How to Increase City Capacity

Humankind’s City Cap is a metric you’ll want to keep an eye on, particularly if you intend on using conflict or expansion as your primary means of achieving digital immortality. It affects how many cities your civilization may have without suffering penalties and is something you’ll want to expand sooner or later after you reach the Ancient Era.

When you exceed Humankind’s City Cap, you’ll notice that the amount of Influence you receive each turn decreases. It serves as a disincentive to swallowing up competitor players in one fell swoop when your army of rusty sword-wielding warriors pokes theirs a bit too hard. While it keeps the game interesting by forcing you to choose your targets wisely, there are a few methods to enhance it.

Humankind City Cap - How to Increase City Capacity

Humankind City Cap - How to Increase City Capacity

The current City Capacity is shown in the top right corner of the Humankind interface, near to the All Cities and Outpost button. When you hover your mouse over it, you’ll get a breakdown of what goes into it, as well as the possible penalties.

Going over the cap by one or two cities didn’t seem to have much of an impact on Influence increases during our playthroughs, but you’ll need a substantial amount of money pouring in for that to work. So, how can you make it bigger?

So far, we’ve discovered three methods for increasing your City Cap in Humankind. The one that provides the most choices is research, which uses the following technologies:

Era of the Classics

  • (+1 City Cap) Foreign Outposts
  • (+1 City Cap) Philosophy

The Middle Ages

Era of the Early Modern

  • (+1 City Cap) Mercantilism
  • (+1 City Cap) Supply Lines
  • (+1 City Cap) Three-Masted Ship

Era of the Industrial Revolution

The Small Council option in the Leadership Civic improves your City Capacity in Humankind by 1, but at the expense of ideologically driving your civilisation toward liberty.

Finally, the Achaemenid Persians have a Legacy Trait that raises your City Cap by two. While it may be tempting to develop every outpost into a city, you may also connect outposts to cities to expand their area without suffering Influence penalties.

Here’s everything we know about the Forcibly Disconnected problem, GeForce Now, and crossplay support for Humankind.

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