Brett is a VHS game console that has been in development for some time. In the final release, you will be able to use his different perks to get access to exclusive content and features.

How to use Brett's perks in VHS

Brett is one of the Teen characters in VHS, and he has three distinct Perks. By completing his Journey, other Teens may get access to these Perks. I’ll explain how Brett’s Perks operate so you can determine whether he’s worth it for your playstyle before you spend your time with him.

Tough from the start

Brett’s first Perk is Tough from the start, and as the name suggests, it just makes him tougher: “Increases your maximum life by 8/16/24%.” 

The extra health from Tough from the start is indicated by a line in your health bar. The bump in health can give you a second chance during a game since it will take longer for you to reach critical health. Tough from the start also slightly counters a popular Monster perk called Lethal Weapon. What Lethal Weapon does is make Teens take extra health damage when hit by the Monster. Tough from the start is a good standalone perk that can work with many builds.


Never Say You’ll Die

Brett’s second perk is Never Say You’ll Die. Here is how it works: “The rate at which you lose life while Prone is reduced by 10/20/30%.” 

Never Say You’ll Die is a situational perk that can help Teens out in a dire situation. Something what can easily happen during a game is two Teens going down near each other. Or sometimes a Teen is Prone in just the wrong spot, making it difficult for their team to save them. With Never Say You’ll Die you can buy valuable time for your team while Prone.  

This extra time you buy will give your team time to make weapons. Then they can confront the Monster, and possibly even Banish them before healing you up. I have found this perk especially useful in solo play, where often it takes my team forever to get to me. Never Say You’ll Die can potentially help you live longer as well. This is because the health you lose while Prone is permanent, so reducing how fast your health depletes can keep you in the game longer.


Never Say You’ll Die works really well with the Chompie Bar strategy many Teens use. Here is how the Chompie Bar strategy works: if a Teen is at Critical Health and has a Chompie Bar, they will wait until they are injured and about to be hit again. Right before the Monster hits them the Teen eats the Chompie Bar. This will save the Teen from dying by giving them enough health to be put into the Prone state. You usually have a low health bar at this point, so Never Say You’ll Die can buy you enough time to stay alive. Just remember that you cannot eat Chompie Bars if you are Disrupted.  

Vice Grip

Vice Grip is Brett’s third special ability. The following is how it works: “If you are knocked Prone while wearing a weapon, you will not lose it once each match.” After 2/1/0 other Teens have died, this perk becomes active.”  

When you initially obtain Vice Grip, it’s rather worthless, but after you get the tier 2 version, it’s a little more helpful. However, Vice Grip tier 3 is one of the finest perks in the game since it allows you to maintain your weapon when in the Prone position. This is significant since while you are in the Prone condition, most weapons are instantly lost.  

The only option for Teens to defeat the Monster is to use weapons. So, if you manage to maintain your weapon after a bad pursuit, you’ll get a second opportunity to Banish the creature. This is especially critical if there aren’t many Teens remaining and you just have one or two Stigmas to slay the Monster. Vice Grip may give you the upper hand in a game at critical periods.


With that in mind, you must exercise caution while utilizing Vice Grip. During a pursuit, you may often employ a weapon to slow down the Monster and buy time. However, by the time the Monster puts you in the Prone stage, your weapon may not have many charges remaining. If you’re in this circumstance, be sure to use up your weapon or abandon it before you’re placed in the Prone condition. You don’t want to squander your Vice Grip by saving a weapon with insufficient charges to Banish the Monster.  

Brett’s three distinct Perks are now discussed in VHS. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and stay tuned for future VHS instructions.  

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