Lost Ark is a role-playing game that gives players the choice of being either a hunter or an ark.

Lost Ark is a game that has a lot of missions for the player to complete. There are also special missions, which can be unlocked by completing certain tasks in the game. The “how to unlock unas task lost ark” article will teach you how to unlock these special missions.

How To Unlock Special Missions In Lost Ark

How To Unlock Special Missions In Ark: Survival Evolved

You may send your team on tasks after you’ve unlocked your base in Lost Ark. Learn how to unlock unique quests in Lost Ark with this tutorial. This will allow your crew to assist you with farming later in the game.

How To Unlock Special Missions In Ark: Survival Evolved

You’ll be able to view your special mission slots relatively early on, but they’ll most likely be empty. You must upgrade your Station to level 2, which I believe is accomplished via the tale. After then, you must continue grinding the main plot. You must first reach level 50 before proceeding to Vern.

When you get in Vern, you will be given a mission to assist in various areas of the city. You’ll earn more assignments and eventually Roster missions if you’ve fully immersed yourself in the city. One of these methods will be used to get access to the game’s Chaos Dungeons. This is significant since these tasks may be completed by your team as special assignments.

You may send your crew out to try their luck in new dungeons and Chaos Dungeons when you unlock them. They take a long time, but if you send them out, you may avoid having to cultivate them yourself. You may even do it while sleeping and wake up to new gear.

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In Lost Ark, there are a lot of Mokoko Seeds to find, but where do you turn them in and what do they do? This article on What To Do With Mokoko Seeds In Lost Ark will address those queries by describing where you must shoot in order to turn in your Mokoko Seeds and get the prizes.


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A charming Ladybug insect is one of the numerous mounts available in Raiders of the Lost Ark. This Where To Get Ladybug Mount In Lost Ark guide will show you how to get the Ladybug mount for free and use it as a mount as you continue through the game.


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You’ll uncover a treasure map or two while questing in Raiders of the Lost Ark. To discover the riches, use this Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Waiting Material’s Rift map. You won’t be seeking for the entrances in the incorrect places this way.


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Fishing is one of the various trade talents available in Lost Ark. This article on How To Fish In Lost Ark will show you how to get materials and resources from the game’s numerous rivers, lakes, and streams. Before you may utilize fishing, you must first unlock crafting, like with all of the Trade Skills.

The “stronghold guide lost ark” is a website that provides information about how to unlock special missions in the game.

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