Many gamers may not be familiar with the name “Ronin” in FFXI. The game was created by Square Enix, but shut down on March 31st, 2009 after it suffered from a lack of player interest. A group called Eorzea Reborn worked for years to bring back this iconic title and now you can play as Ronin in Final Fantasy Origins!

How To Unlock Ronin In Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins

How-To-Unlock-Ronin-In-Stranger-Of-Paradise-Final-Fantasy-OriginsHow To Unlock Ronin In Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger Of Paradise

You must first unlock the Ronin job before you can unlock the Samurai job. This tutorial on How To Unlock Ronin In Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger Of Paradise will follow you through unlocking the weapon needed to unlock the Ronin class and upgrade it to Samurai.

In Final Fantasy games with a career system, the Samurai has long been one of the most popular occupations. It’s a beloved class that brings a lot to the table, from the early games through Final Fantasy XI. The Ronin to Samurai job in Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins does a lot of the same things, but how do you get it?

How To Unlock Ronin In Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger Of Paradise

This is one of the simplest occupations to acquire, since it only takes growth in a single profession, unlike other classes like Monk and Warrior. You must first get Ronin.

Ronin is obtained by obtaining the Genbu sword, which may be obtained from levels 10 to 13 depending on your advancement. You want to complete the narrative quest Pravoka Seagrot – The Journey Begins. You will be battling a bunch of pirates in this quest. You’ll find a save place towards the finish of the task, just after the section with the pirate ship. A treasure box is located next to the save point. To help support the Genbu, loot the chest. You can then either spend Anima Shards or manually level the Ronin up to the point where you can buy the Samurai Job unlock.

That’s how you get access to the Samurai.

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