This past year, we had the opportunity to be completely immersed with our first MLB The Show game on PlayStation 4. We took the opportunity to focus on one of the most important features, and it’s a feature that you have to take seriously if you want to be a successful gamer, especially in a game like MLB The Show. That feature is the ability to win the world series, and make a statement on your PlayStation 4.

There are a lot of ways to play MLB The Show 21. You could play the game as a traditional baseball fan, by controlling one of your favorite team’s AAA team, or you can choose to play as your favorite team in the Majors. You could play with the rules of the game as they are or you could make some of your own.

In MLB The Show 21, San Diego Studios took the mechanics of a turn-based strategy game and added it to Diamond Dynasty through Conquest. This ambitious mode brings a new perspective to the somewhat repetitive genre of sports games. Now that the Conquest in the Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB The Show 21 has been around for a few months, we take a look at how players can get maximum rewards and win quickly in the Conquest in the Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB The Show 21 .

Conquest magazine

The conquest takes place in four phases, like in the board game Risk. These include the following:

  • In the reinforcement phase, you can get and place extra fans to strengthen your defense or attack. The more areas you have, the more fans you can place.
  • The move phase allows you to select an area with fans that you own, and move those fans to another area that you own if there is a free path.
  • In the attack phase, you can simulate or play the conquest of a territory or a fortress in three turns. You cannot simulate an attack on Stronghold, and the difficulty is set to the lowest level, Veteran.
  • During the stealing phase, you can steal supporters from the opposing team and add them during your build phase. The above cycle is then repeated.

Each conquest card is different, and there is no limit to the number of times a player can win. The rewards are lucrative, but the gameplay can be quite tedious. Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the objectives of the conquest map and its conditions. It really sucks that you don’t get the maximum rewards in Conquest because you didn’t read the objectives first. It only takes one mistake to miss out on big rewards.

Simulation of most phases

The Conquest gameplay in MLB The Show 21can be very boring if you let it. You don’t have to play all the games unless you want to meet some objective conditions that bring rewards, like B. Collect or steal fans.

The attack phase can be fully simulated, except for forts. You also don’t have to steal fans every time the flight phase comes around. Sometimes it is better to stick with the simulation and skip certain steps to save time and experience.

Image by San Diego Studio

Play as a beginner or a veteran

It’s fun to win a game on All Star or Hall of Fame difficulty in MLB The Show 21. Winning these games certainly speeds things up in Conquest, but you run the risk of having a failed home run against you. Even if you can win at these levels, why not just play at lower difficulty levels as a beginner or veteran?

There is no shame in taking it easy and moving on to lower levels. Use these stress-free games to complete multiple programs or affinity team missions and earn additional rewards.

Use your best players

Stamina recovers after each game, so roll your ace after each game. You want your best players to give you the best chance to win, so there’s no reason you can’t use the same starting pitcher for the first two innings, and then a snappy reliever to finish the third. The rules about lack of endurance also apply to bats. There is no reason to sit or rest on the bench unless you are trying to move up in affinity or monthly player or team programs.

Teams of lightning opponents

Conquering territory should be the first and only strategy you use. The AI treats conquest passively, so you’ll have to lead the fight against other teams and conquer all the areas you can. There’s no shame in watching your fanbase grow until you can’t play anymore, so keep up the good work.

The only thing to keep in mind is the path you choose. You may not move troops outside of the movement phase unless you are playing through the enemy team’s territories. Keep snowballing as much as you can and make sure you don’t end up in your own area and waste an entire travel cycle.

take breaks

It seems silly to tell someone to take breaks during a game, but Conquest is a game of attrition, and breaks are necessary. The smaller maps can take more than an hour, depending on the number of three-round games played between stages. If you can’t take a break, open the packages you’ve unlocked and adjust your alignment or rotation to give your eyes and brain a break.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat conquest in MLB The Show?

There are a few ways to beat conquest in MLB The Show. One way is to play as the Yankees and win the World Series. Another way is to play as the Diamondbacks and win the World Series.

What is conquest in MLB The Show 21?

Conquest is a new mode in MLB The Show 21. It is a competitive mode that pits two teams against each other in an attempt to win the game. What is the difference between a game and a season in MLB The Show 21? A game is one contest, while a season is an entire year of games.

How long are Conquest games MLB The Show 21?

Conquest games are typically 10 innings.

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