When you’re building your Xaku farm in Xaku Farm, you’re going to have to make a lot of decisions. Should you focus on building Xakus? Should you try to build a higher-level habitat? Do you have enough energy to do anything? Should you sell your Xakus or put them in the habitat? And what should you do when you’re ready to raise your Xakus to level 2? To help you decide, we’ve put together this guide to Xaku Farm that gives you the information you need to build and manage the best farm possible.

Xaku is a Chinese based game that is very similar to other popular games such as DOTA2, League of Legend, and others. Xaku is not as popular as those but it is fun to play, and we have a lot of fun playing with our friends, and we have been playing for a while. We enjoy sharing our knowledge about Xaku with our friends and we want to share it with you too.

Xaku Farm has been a popular game for many years now, with players flocking to it since it was first released. The game is still going strong, and its popularity among gamers has only increased, as evidenced by the fact that Xaku Farm is now more popular than ever! In fact, the number of daily players has increased so much that the creators of the game, Xaku Studios, are planning a sequel with the tentative title Xaku 2021. In this guide, we’ll take a look at Xaku Farm and Xaku 2021, the differences between the two games, and how you can get started with Xaku Farm.

Released alongside Update 29 and Heart of Deimos, Xaku is Warframe’s first farm product in the ravaged open world. He has a pretty unique set of skills, a fair amount of armor, and has a lot to do with Deimos’ quest for the heart. He also has his signature weapon, the Quassus, which becomes more accurate when wielded by Warframe. It’s also important to note that Xaku is a community-created Warframe, and the first Warframe with no apparent gender, as it was created from three broken Warframes. It shouldn’t be too hard to get all the plans needed to build Xaku, but finding all the resources can be a bit trickier. We explain everything you need to know to optimize your business.

Xaku Farm – receipt of parts (drawings)

To get your hands on the main map, travel to Deimos, the moon of Mars, and begin your quest in Cambion Drift. Go through the introduction of the new open world, because at the end you only get the main shot as a reward. From there, you can head to the town of Nekralisk and begin exploiting the other three plans that came from the Deimos quests. So go to the mother’s house and do the following kind of tasks:

  • Xaku Neuroptics Blueprint : Unusual increase in level 2 bonuses (levels 15 – 25).
  • Xaku Systems Blueprint : Unusual gain of a level 4 bonus (level 30-40).
  • Xaku housing drawing: Unusual increase in a level 5 bonus (level 40-60).

Since there is a cool down period after completing these reward tasks, you should check the timer above the reward tasks to see when these tasks reset. It may take a few passes, but eventually you will get the three pieces you need to complete the 44. Warframe.

Craft requirements for Xaku

Xaku’s plans are easy to obtain but difficult to make. word-image-9782 word-image-9783 Once you’re done farming all the blueprints, you should focus on collecting the various resources, which can take some time, especially if you haven’t played much in Orb Vallis or the plains of Eidolon yet. Everything you need is here:

Xaku Neuroptics Xaku Systems Chassis Xaku Xaku Blueprint
15,000x credits 15,000x credits 15,000x credits 25,000x loans
60x distillate of Taumic 60x ganglion 50x Venardo alloy 1x Xaku Neuroptics
40x Escher Dewar 45x pustulosis 50x Lucent Theroglobe 1x Xaku Systems
20x Sharrak’s teeth 10x Breath of the Eidolon 5 Gyromag systems 1x Xaku chassis
10x neural sensors 5x glitter 3x spine section 3x Orokin cell

Craft materials for Xaku

The resources needed to make Xaku are scattered throughout the game. Some just require you to complete normal quests, others require you to delve into three open worlds. You can also buy them at the market, but we recommend growing them instead of spending your hard-earned platinum.

Common resources:

  • Ganglion: The total resource that can be collected on the Cambion Drift.
  • Characet teeth: Can be obtained by breeding Sharrak, a common fish in the plains of Eidolon.
  • Helder Teroglobe: This resource can easily be found by opening the World Containers in Cambion Drift.

Unusual means:

  • Venardo alloy Metal suitable for crafts. The plan can be obtained from Smokefinger on Fortuna (Venus), and the main raw material (Venorol) can be obtained on Orb Vallis.
  • Pustulitis: An unusual source on the Cambion drift. Find and destroy the plants to get the raw material.
  • Thumb distillate: A tricky resource that requires the extraction of resources from Cambion’s Drift. So get your mining laser ready and buy the plan from Otak.
  • Escher Dewar: If Hock’s plan can be bought on Cetus, the Devar must be removed from the plains of Eidolon.
  • Section of the dorsal core You need to catch the Vitreospina fish found in the caves of the Cambion drift. Cut them out girl by girl to get the pattern.

Scarce resources:

  • Breath of Eidolon: The crafting component can be obtained by completing quests in the Eidolon levels. Talk to Konzu on Cetus for more information!
  • Gyromag Systems: You can get it at the Little Duck on Fortuna. This is also the reward of the Vox Solaris Syndicate.
  • Neural Sensors Released on Jupiter, as well as Fort Kuva.
  • Sparkling: Scintillants can be found as mother rewards on Nekraliska, and also in the isolation vault.
  • Orokin cell: Ceres, Saturn and Deimos are perfect places to pick up a rare object.


While obtaining Xaku blueprints should not be a problem, obtaining all the resources needed to build a Warframe can be a tedious and labor-intensive task, especially for inexperienced players. Focus on the resources you need, make a list (or follow ours) and get to work. If you have any information to share, or just have a question, please leave a comment below!This guide is about how to get Xaku 2021, the new Xaku that was just released on June 5th, 2013. Xaku is a new character in the game World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, and there are only two ways to get it: you can either spend $20 to buy it online, or you can farm it. This guide will teach you how to farm Xaku for free.. Read more about warframe xaku farm and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock XAKU in Warframe?

XAKU is an in-game resource in the free-to-play sci-fi game Warframe, which is currently being played over 2 million unique players simultaneously, and it is used for upgrading weapons and armor. How do you get XAKU in Warframe? In order to get XAKU in Warframe, you have to find XAKU Caves in the game, which are hidden in specific locations. When you find a XAKU Cave, you have to hack into it, and then you will get XAKU resources. Xaku is a Warframe with moderate damage and crowd control abilities. She can be found in the game’s Venus region. Her abilities are as follows: Ability 1: Twin Snake Shot . The Twin Snake Shot is a pair of bladed arrows that shoot out in front of Xaku and dissipate after traveling a short distance. These can do a fair amount of damage, and have a high chance to proc a second shot, which can do additional damage depending on Xaku’s energy level. … …

What 3 Warframes make up XAKU?

If you are looking to farm XAKU, then you are going to need a few good warframes to achieve this task. While you may think that weapons will be the key, you would be wrong. XAKU is an eidolon that requires you to obtain the scans of 3 warframes to unlock it. Luckily, you can obtain the scans of these warframes in other ways before you unlock the ability to farm XAKU. There are currently 4 warframes in Warframe that can make up XAKU. These are Excalibur, Volt, Loki and Nekros. For this guide, I am going to use the term XAKU. (XAKU = Excalibur + Volt + Loki + Nekros) This guide is currently designed to help you craft XAKU using the most efficient means possible when you have the required crafting materials.

Is XAKU Warframe good?

Warframe is an awesome free-to-play action game that is available for Windows, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. The game features an immersive sci-fi universe, destructive gunplay and a ton of customization options. The Warframe game is set in a universe where humanity has gone into hiding after being attacked by a race of mechanical aliens called the Grineer. These enemies are not very strong and shoot very simple weapons, but in large numbers can be very dangerous. XAKU is a new frame for players who have just started Warframe or want to play it again. This frame is perfect for newbies and casual players. XAKU is equipped with a continuous attack ability and has a lot of health points. XAKU was released in Update 22.0.

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