If you are a beginner in Path of Exile, and looking for a step by step Nezha farming guide, you are at right place. We have put together this guide that walks you through everything you need to know to get started farming Nezzas. As you know, Nezzas are a special type of pet that can be used to enhance your builds, so they are pretty important.

Nezha is a Chinese mythological figure who is generally depicted as a young man wearing a horned helmet, carrying a large drum. He is the god of war, riding into battle on the back of a fire-spitting turtle and brandishing a pair of nunchaku. He is also the patron god of butlers, cooks, and other domestic servants.

If you are looking to get Nezha, but dont know how to, this guide is the answer.  I’m going to go over how to level up fast to get Nezha in no time!  We’ll start with how to level up fast, then we’ll go over what to use for your primary skills, and then we’ll go over how to get and craft the gear you need.

Neja is a highly mobile armored weapon that can move quickly across the battlefield, throwing a tail of fire while protecting her allies with a protective halo or striking her enemies with her divine spears. This is a well balanced warframe that can take on multiple roles, focusing on tank support or crowd control. Fortunately, unlike other warframes, Neja is much easier to acquire by joining a clan or learning it in your own dojo. In this guide we will give you information on how to research, craft and obtain the materials you need for Nezh the Third Lotus Prince. If you’re looking for information on how to make a mod for Warframe, check out our guide on the subject!

How to get Nezh parts (drawings)

First, you must research Neju in the clan’s dojo (check your Tenno research lab!) to replicate his parts. After you have completed this task and provided the appropriate materials, you will need to wait a while before you can examine the three main components – neurological, system and chassis.

Map of Neja Neja Neuroptica Chassis Nezha Neja Systems
1x Mutagenic mass 1x Detonite injector 1x Mutagenic mass 1x crown of field
1x Detonite injector 1x neurodes 1x Neural Sensors 1x Gallium
1x crown of field 1000x Nano Spores Alloy plate 1000x A salute 1000 times bigger
1x orokin cage Save 500x 500x chains 500x Cryotic
5,000 credits 10,000 credits 10,000 credits 10,000 credits
72 hours 72 hours 72 hours 72 hours
35,000 credits for replication 15,000 credits for replication 15,000 credits for replication 15,000 credits for replication

Manufacture of parts of Nezhas

After learning the games in the clan dojo, the games can be reproduced by each member of the clan as many times as they wish. Remember, you are only copying the plans that have yet to be made in your orbiter’s foundry.

Map of Neja Neja Neuroptica Chassis Nezha Neja Systems
Neja Neuroptica 1x argon crystal 2x morphine 1x control module
Chassis Nezha 1x Neural Sensors 3,200 Ferrite 1x Morphix
Neja Systems Polymeric jet 2 100x 600x Rubedo 5000x ferrite
1x orokin cage 4500x Rescue 1x argon crystal 4,200 plastids
25,000 credits 15,000 credits 15,000 credits 15,000 credits

Go to Tenno’s lab in the Clan Dojo to get all the blueprints. word-image-6580

Neza Farm (Best places to farm)

You will need two sets of materials to assemble, one for the clan research and one for the warframe itself. With clan research you don’t have to do it alone, any member of your clan can donate and reconstitute the materials needed to research Nezh plans.

Manual requirements

Detonation injector Mutagenic mass Mushroom
A 10-volt bottle of Detonite… 10-fold increase in mutagenic samples 10x field pattern
1x control module 1x control module 1x control module
Save 500x Save 500x Save 500x
250x plastids 250x plastids 250x plastids
15,000 credits 15,000 credits 15,000 credits
  • Detonite vial – Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Earth, Sedna, Ceres
  • Mutagenic mass – Deimos, Eris
  • Field sample – Venus, Mars, Europa, Neptune, Pluto

There are several ways to obtain the Detonite Injector, Mutagenic Mass, and Finished Feldron, either by obtaining them as rewards for invasion missions or by obtaining them for certain rewards in Orb Vallis. It’s pretty easy if you have the right team to extract these materials. The combination of Necros and Horus can get you these resources quickly. Argon crystals are relatively easy to extract, both in the Void and by opening chests on Deimos. The only annoying thing is the shelf life, where they break every 24 hours.

Agricultural resources

Here’s the list of resources you need to get Nezha.


  • Ferrite – Mercury, Earth, Neptune, Orokina void
  • Rubedo – Earth, Pluto, Sedna, Europa, Phobos, Orokina void
  • Redemption – Mars, Jupiter, Sedna
  • Nanospores – Deimos, Saturn, Neptune, Eris
  • Alloy Plate – Venus, Jupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto, Phobos


  • Polymer cluster – Mercury, Venus, Uranus
  • Plastids – Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Eris, Phobos
  • Necklaces – Venus, Ceres


  • Control module – Neptune, Europa, the Orokina void
  • Morphics – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Europa, Phobos
  • The neurotics are Earth, Deimos, Eris and Lua.
  • Neural Sensors – Fort Kuwait, Jupiter
  • Oraca’s cage – Saturn, Ceres, the abandoned place


Neja is one of four warframes that can be learned and obtained in the clan dojo. Neja is a fairly versatile warframe available in the game. It can be a tank with excellent crowd control or an agile and fast attacking warframe that can even keep up with buffered prime warframes.How to get nezha in warframe. This guide will be a detailed explanation on the process to get nezha in warframe. This guide will include a few things. The first will be the way to obtain nezha blueprints and how to get the components to build it. The second will be the most common way to farm for nezha parts. I will keep this short and sweet.. Read more about lith n6 drop locations and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I farm Nezha?

Hi, I’m “Great”, and I’m here to help you get Nezha, the Chinese god of the sky and war. He’s an easy god to get, but you have to make sure you start early. Do not fret though, for I am here to give you some tips and tricks to get you started. Farming for Nezha can take a long time if you don’t know what you are doing, but here are a few tips to make your life a little easier. First of all, before you do anything you need to understand what gathering is. Gathering is when you collect resources from the map so that you can build on the island. The main resources you will be looking for are Oxium and Frost crystals. Both of these can be farmed together on the same map.

Where can I farm Nezha prime?

If you’re looking to hunt for the elusive Nezha prime, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best places to farm Nezha prime in Warframe. For more farming tips, make sure to check out our Farming Guides . Farm Fever is a new farming game released by Nezha Games that has been making rounds in the gaming community. The goal of the game is to build a farm, harvest crops, and sell them for profit. The game features a simple and fun to play mechanic that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

Is Nezha a boy or girl Warframe?

Nezha is a Warframe in the game called Warframe. Being a Warframe, Nezha was released in 2014. Nezha is the third Warframe added to the game, after Excalibur and Mag. Nezha is a Chinese god, and being a god, he has abilities that reflect that, like a shield that can reflect damage. Warframe is a coop third person shooter where the players are Tenno warriors who were cryogenically frozen and are now awakened. Tenno possess a battle suit that is powered by the sentient plasma energy known as “energems”. The players are divided into three factions: the Grineer, the Corpus and the Tenno. The faction the player chooses determines which missions they can select, and which powers the player will have available.

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