In the game The Escapists, you have to find a way out of prison. You’ll need items like toothpaste and toilet paper but are also advised to bring some contraband with you as well. In this guide we will walk you through how to get that last bit just in time for your escape!

The “contraband pouch escapists 2” is a tool that allows players to store items they want to keep, but don’t want the guards to find. This item can be found in the game’s prison yard.

How do you use the contraband pouch in the escapists? |

Usage. The Durable Contraband Pouch is a contraband concealment item that keeps contraband hidden from Contraband Detectors in your inventory. Every time you pass through an Illicit Detector carrying contraband goods other than the bag, it will lose 15% of its durability. It may be used seven times.

People often wonder how you conceal contraband in the escapists.

Instead, conceal it in vents (when there are vents, of course), tunnels (carefully hide your Dirt, or give it to a teammate/flush it via a toilet. ), or a hollow wall (when there are hollow walls, of course) (cover the hole in the wall with a Poster).

Similarly, how do the escapists build a screwdriver? You’ll need a wire, a battery, and a screwdriver to make the powered screwdriver. With 25% of every usage on a vent, it will undo it quicker. Before it’s gone, you’ll have to remove four vents. It’s a PC-only game.

In the escapists, what can you make with foil?

Contraband Pouch and Durable Contraband Pouch may both be made using foil. It is only possible to gain it by purchasing it from other inmates and finding it in their desks.

What methods do you use to conceal contraband?

They’ve even been known to hide within hollowed-out books or legal documents. Toiletries, loose clothes, devices, and food containers, for example. It’s typical to leave your phone in the restroom or at work. They utilize it while the convict is there, then conceal it beneath bricks, toilets, or tiles when they leave.

Answers to Related Questions

How can you get the benefits of an escape room?

Welcome to Center Perks, the county’s most pleasant low-security jail. The Plan of Action:

  1. Put the Bed Dummy on your bed, a few Bed Sheets on your bars (if desired), and your Guard Outfit on.
  2. Go outdoors after grabbing your Cutters via the hole in the wall.
  3. Continue ahead until you get to a fence.

What is the purpose of a circuit board in the escapists?

The Circuit Board is an unused item discovered on consoles in The Escapists, although it will be considered contraband. It is suggested that you leave it alone in order to reduce your chances of being sent to solitary confinement, and it is now useless. In The Escapists 2, however, it may be utilized to create Fake Key Cards to aid you in your escape.

How can you hide the escapists’ flaws?

You may fill the hole with dirt (or concrete) to conceal it. If you don’t want the guards or snipers to detect the hole and bust you, this is critical. If the guards discover the hole, you will be placed in solitary confinement and your tunnel progress will be reset to zero.

What is the purpose of foil in escapists?

Foil is a gaming item that is illegal to possess. Other inmates may either buy it or find it in their desks. It may be used to build a Contraband Pouch using a Roll of Duct Tape. A Durable Contraband Pouch may be made out of two of them.

Can the escapists be played by a large number of people?

a total of four players

What are your options for dealing with a contraband pouch?

Usage. The Durable Contraband Pouch is a contraband concealment item that keeps contraband hidden from Contraband Detectors in your inventory. Every time you pass through an Illicit Detector carrying contraband goods other than the bag, it will lose 15% of its durability. It may be used seven times.

What is the most effective escapist weapon?


  • (4/5) Baseball Bat
  • (4/5) Spiked Bat
  • Duster of Knuckles (4/5)
  • Hat with Metal Rims (4/5) Duct Tapes Are Forever is a limited-edition product.
  • (5/5) Whip
  • Nunchucks (5 out of 5)
  • If a guard is carrying a stun rod, you will lose 50 points of health.
  • Instant KO with a cup of molten chocolate.

In the escapists, what can you construct with metal sheets?

Usage. Metal Sheet is used to construct and modify shovels, but it is also illegal and may be purchased from convicts, discovered in their desks, or stolen from their wallets after they are knocked unconscious.

In The Escapists 2, how do you craft?

After obtaining the proper components, the player may make objects by hitting the “9” key on the keyboard or clicking the “craft” button on the right side of the screen. Various objects, ranging from firearms to tools, may be used to help the player in escape, smuggling, and battling.

In the escapists, what does a radio receiver do?

Receiver for radio. This item may be discovered in desks or on guards; giving it to guards will improve their opinion of you. (Do not use this forum to advertise yourself!)

In the escapists, where do you acquire a screwdriver?

when they are knocked out, from convicts, discovered in inmate desks, or found in inmates’ inventories It isn’t possible to make it. It is required for the creation of a Powered Screwdriver. The screwdriver may also be used to chip away at the paint on the walls.

In the escapists, how do you remove a vent?

Only a Screwdriver, a Powered Screwdriver, a Plastic Knife, Cutting Floss, or a File or Cutters may be used to remove the Vent Cover.

What are the escapists’ uses for step ladders?

In The Escapists, there is an item called the Stepladder. It may be purchased or stolen from convicts, and it can also be discovered in their desks. The Stepladder may be used to re-enter vents after descending from them. You may stand on the Stepladder by placing it on a tile, much like other items in the game.

The “durable contraband pouch” is an item that can be used in the escapists. It comes with a number of uses, including hiding and transporting weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hide contraband in the escapists?

A: In order to hide contraband, you first need to get rid of any suspicious looking items. Then put the contraband in a bag and put that in with your regular clothes before putting them into storage lockers or hiding them at designated places around the prison.

What does the durable contraband pouch do?

A: The durable contraband pouch gives you a 100% chance to not be detected by an astromech droid. It is also used as a back item for the light armor set, making it easier to stay hidden when sneaking around in dark places.

What is foil used for in the escapists?

A: Foils are used in order to make a surface shiny, reflective, or metallic. They can be placed on paper packaging, food wrappers and other items for decorative purposes. Some applications of foiling include lightweighting architectural structures such as bridges and roofs.,

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