What’s your favorite way to get through the Ruins?

How do you beat Toriel? |

Toriel has four attacks, but the battle is arranged such that if you’re about to die, the attacks won’t touch you; the only way to lose is to rush into them on purpose. Spare her instead of attacking her, and she’ll eventually give up the fight.

So, in Undertale, how can you defeat Toriel?

Pacifist Method 1

  1. When Toriel blocks your path, start by hitting the “Act” button. Select “Talk” or whatever you have to use after pressing the “Act” button.
  2. Then pick “Spare” from the “Mercy” menu.
  3. Continue in this manner until she gives up. You’ll need to repeat this process 24 times.
  4. Make your way through the door.

What happens if you don’t kill Toriel? Toriel quits fighting and starts talking after being saved enough times. The option to “Flee” is no longer available. She permits the protagonist to depart the Ruins if the protagonist continues to spare her. Before embracing them and heading back down the passage, she requests the protagonist never to return.

As a result, do you think you’ll be able to kill Toriel?

In Undertale, there is no need to kill anyone. Most gamers believe there is no way to progress without murdering Toriel, however there is no need to kill her. The dummy at the start of the game also counts as a kill, despite the fact that most players believe it does not.

Can you track down Toriel now that you’ve saved her?

Toriel has left her residence in the RUINS after the player saves her, but don’t worry: she’s still around and you’re still friends — she’s simply tending to the flowers all the way back at the entrance.

Answers to Related Questions

Is Toriel aware that Flowey is Asriel?

So, if you’ve finished the pacifist run, you already know that Flowey is Asriel, the dead prince and son of Toriel and Asgore. When you resume the game after finishing the pacifist run, Asriel, or Flowey, notifies you about “true reseting.”

Is there a soul in Sans?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain later why Sans lacks a soul.

In Undertale, how many different endings are there?


Is it possible to contact Toriel after you’ve left the ruins?

Even if Toriel was saved, the player is unable to contact her after they leave the ruins. While most players believe Toriel is refusing to accept the protagonist’s calls outside of the Ruins on purpose, she is unable to do so because the Annoying Dog has taken her phone.

Without Undertale, how tall is he?

Sans and Chara are both about 42 and 48 inches tall!

Do you have any room for Flowey?

Flowey arrives and kills Asgore personally if the protagonist spares him. After defeating him, the protagonist has the option of sparing or killing Flowey. Flowey demands that the protagonist show him compassion many times before fleeing, perplexed as to why the protagonist is being so kind to him.

Undyne has how much HP?

Undyne the Undying possesses a mind-boggling 23000 HP on her side! Mettaton NEO has 30000 HP, but for obvious reasons, I’ll disregard that. Finally, there’s the challenge of beating the game. Sans, who is renowned as the game’s most difficult boss, finally enters the game at this point.

Is it possible to play Undertale on a phone?

How to Install Undertale on Your Phone or Tablet (Introduction). What if I told you that Undertale, a fantastic PC game, could also be played on your phone? You certainly can!!! – Your phone must be an Android phone; iPhone owners, please understand that this is Apple’s problem.

Is it true that Toriel Asgore is married?

Toriel was formerly Asgore’s wife, Toriel Dreemurr, and they had a son, Asriel Dreemurr, it was later discovered. When Asriel died, she abdicated her throne because she disagreed with Asgore about his readiness to slaughter human infants in order to breach the monsters’ subterranean barrier.

Do you just attack Sans when they commit genocide?

Outside of a genocide run, you can’t fight. It’s simple, here’s the solution: you must begin by murdering everyone before killing Toriel. Then do it again in the following location. After waking up in the Ruins, continue playing until you reach the chamber with the Save Point hidden in the leaves.

Is it okay if I kill papyrus?

Surviving Papyrus’ strikes and eventually sparing him will bring the conflict to a close. When the protagonist takes fatal damage, Papyrus reduces the player’s HP to 1 and ends the combat prematurely. In the Genocide Route, Papyrus offers to save the protagonist right away. A single strike, on the other hand, will kill him.

Is it possible to play Undertale without murdering someone?

Undertale may be played in any way you like, but if you don’t murder anybody or anything, you’ll have access to additional stuff you wouldn’t otherwise see. It may seem like sparing foes – particularly in boss encounters – is impossible at times, but persevere and the result will be well worth it.

What is the procedure for resetting Undertale?

A hard reset wipes the game clean, erasing all traces of your presence. You may just remove your local data if you’re playing a non-Steam version of the game: To go to C:UsersAppDataLocalUndertale, go to C:UsersAppDataLocalUndertale. Delete this folder’s entire contents.

Is it possible to demonstrate kindness without fleeing?

Show Mercy Instead of Fleeing. Toriel is a challenging boss for inexperienced players who have no previous understanding of Undertale to beat quietly. The fight simply needs to advance to beat Toriel without killing her. Talking or fleeing will not help the conflict advance.

How do you find time to spare for Napstablook?

Defeat the boss of Napstablook

Before you can Spare him, you must Cheer him three times. He has two attacks: the falling tears can be avoided by keeping low to allow yourself time to escape them, and the spiraling tears can be avoided by staying towards the center of the box.

What is the duration of Undertale’s pacifism?

Both neutral and pacifists have 7 hours.

What is Toriel’s appearance like?

Appearance. Toriel retains her Undertale appearance, albeit she no longer wears her signature Delta Rune tabard in favor of more casual attire, which includes a necklace and spectacles, though the latter is not visible on her overworld sprite. On top of her head, she has a little tuft of fur.

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