Horizon is a popular game where players can explore and survive in a vast, open world. West Bunny seeks to change that by adding faster gameplay with more interactive areas using AR and cryptocurrency mining rewards. Rabbit hunting has never been this much fun!

The “horizon forbidden west pc” is a game that was released on PC. The game is set in the West, and features many rabbits.

Horizon Forbidden West Rabbit Locations

Horizon Forbidden West’s obstacles will need more than simply talent to overcome. Taking care of and enhancing your equipment is an important aspect of your trip. Each hamlet has a weapon or armor vendor, but purchasing a new piece of equipment may not be enough. Upgrading your equipment, on the other hand, will give you the upper hand! However, you may need to hunt down a rabbit or two in order to do so, and keep in mind that rabbits are not simple to come by.

In Horizon Forbidden West, Where Can You Find Rabbits?

Horizon-Forbidden-West_20220228100644-640x360In Horizon Forbidden West, Where Can You Find Rabbits?

The best spot to look for rabbits is north of Salt Bite, near the lake. They aren’t as frequent as other animals in the game, but they constantly reproduce near the lake.

Hunting rabbits is a good way to gather resources for your workbench pouch upgrade. However, they aren’t as simple to come by as one would think. You could come across one in the game’s beginning section or any woodland location from time to time. The majority of the time, though, you will most likely witness raccoons or rats. So you may go to Salt Bite to increase your chances of locating rabbits.

A lake with a lot of greenery surrounds it to the north. You must now use your Focus to locate the bunnies and shoot them down with your bow. Because they’re so little, take your time aiming at them. Bear in mind that rabbits may not always drop the stuff you want, so you may need to hunt down a few. All you have to do now is return to a camp with a workbench after you’ve obtained all you need.

Aside from that, another wonderful technique to discover bunnies is to make it a habit to check for them with your Focus on a daily basis. You’ll need extra resources in the future since the bag has many levels of improvement.

To develop or enhance your gear, you must acquire various resources as part of Horizon Forbidden West’s upgrading system. While some pieces of equipment need machine ingredients, others may only be obtained by hunting animals. Animals ranging from boars to rodents may be found on the map. Rabbits, on the other hand, are quite scarce among them.

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