Hell Architect: Management Sim with a Twist is a management sim with a twist. It’s a game that simulates life in hell, where you have to manage a work place in a massive tower. This is a huge undertaking, which can easily take your attention away from the goals you are trying to accomplish.

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Hell Architect is a wonderfully dark dungeon management game in which players must design cruel torture devices and provide possibly hazardous food for their sinners.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to play Hell Architect before it was released, which I am grateful for since it allowed me to truly get to know the game and see what it has to offer before starting work on the Review of Hell Architect.

Meeting the Needs of Sinners

Even in hell, sinners have wants, and it’s your duty as the Hell Architect to make sure they’re fulfilled, kind of.

This is done in some of the most fascinating and amusing ways possible; for example, to produce drinking water, players must construct a toilet, which is then processed before being dumped into a bucket for everyone to…enjoy?

Most dungeon management games have some method of looking after the minions that run it, but Hell Architect has managed to make this process a lot more fun.


As the game progresses, it’s critical to keep an eye on your sinner’s wants, keep an eye on their sanity, and strike the right balance between dungeon and sinner growth.

Gameplay of Hell Architect

There are many of ways to torture and afflict your sinners in Hell Architect, from burning cauldrons where you can watch them boil and burn to even more horrific techniques like replacing floors and ladders with spikes and shattered glass.

Of course, hell wouldn’t be terrible if sinners didn’t have to go to the work center, which is precisely the torment you can put your sinners through by enabling them to specialize in specific professions and help create their own personal hell.

Players must construct a crystal refinery and harvest different kinds of crystals, which may be utilized to study and unlock new and creative methods to continue pushing your torment to new heights via research.


Ironically, Hell Architect begins as a breeze, but as more sinners flood through the gates, managing them all, as well as a growing dungeon, becomes difficult.

To begin, go through Sandbox mode on the simplest level to get a sense of what to anticipate and how to play before moving on to the game’s tougher settings, which, as you would imagine, become considerably more difficult.


Sinners spawn every 10 minutes from the hell gate, which is accelerated if you play the game with sped-up simulation enabled.

Each sinner that enters your hell will have their unique set of characteristics and skills, some of which will be very helpful, while others will be less so. I’ve had a few with a lazy characteristic, which means they won’t dig as fast as others, but fortunately, sinners can be micro-managed so they only perform tasks they’re excellent at.


As the game continues and your hell grows, you’ll discover some new and exciting methods to torment your sinners, such as putting them in a freezing snowstorm or making them to listen to loud, obnoxious music, which no one wants to endure.

While I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to play a game like Hell Architect, I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed it far more than I anticipated. While it may seem strange to have to worry about sinners’ needs while they’re in hell, that’s something I can overlook and simply enjoy the game for what it is: a laid-back, slightly silly, fun game.

With a vast library of things to construct and methods to expand, this hell management game has a lot of replayability. I expect to see more development and look forward to seeing Hell Architect evolve.

Hell Architect Review

Hell Architect Review

Hell Architect is the name of the game.

Hell Architect puts you in charge of overseeing hell, allowing you to have sinners design their own hell and the torture equipment you’ll use to torment them. Dungeon management has just taken a dark and ridiculous turn.

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