Guilty Gear is one of those franchises that has gained a cult following. However, it’s often forgotten that there’s been a huge amount of spin-off content released since the initial release of the original. Strive is the latest offering, but does it live up to its predecessors?

Guilty Gear -Strive- is a game developed by Arc System Works and published by Aksys Games. It is a fighting game based on the Guilty Gear franchise. The game is said to be the start of a new saga for the Guilty Gear series, with the story taking place after the Guilty Gear XX #Reload story.

What is Guilty Gear? It is a fighting game that’s been around for over a decade, with a dedicated and loyal fan base that hasn’t seen a new game since 2012. It was met with critical acclaim, and with one of the most impressive feature sets out of any fighting game. Guilty Gear Revelator’s main addition was the ability to choose a “character prestige” for each of the game’s 20 playable characters, which alters their playstyle and visual appearance.

Ryu and his friends may be at the top of the FGC, but Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear series has created a little niche for itself with its rock-hard action and even harder soundtrack. After -Revelator- and REV 2, Guilty Gear -Strive- is a complete reboot of the franchise – will it manage to stand out in a crowded room?

Guilty Gear -Strive- review

Those unfamiliar with the Guilty Gear series will be overwhelmed by the depth of the game. At first glance, it looks like other fighters: quarter and half circle moves can be used with a control scheme that includes punches, kicks, slashes, heavy slashes, and dust moves. There’s even a tension meter that allows you to perform flashy overdrive moves, similar to the super-moves often seen in modern action movies. But the devil is in the details. Speed and multi-strike combos are at the heart of the game, and aerial moves, recovery moves and counter moves are important from the start. Add in more advanced mechanics like the Roman Cancel combo mechanic (in the Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow variants) and the Flawless Defense mechanic that prevents damage to counters, and you have something to look forward to. There are even some new mechanics in this part of the game, including the Breaking the Wall mechanic that makes enemies fly to a completely different part of the stage. word-image-7770 But fear not – Guilty Gear -Strive- does an incredible job of introducing newcomers to the game. After the basic learning mode, you can explore the mission mode, which contains numerous lessons on anything you can think of. Players can then switch to Arcade mode, where the difficulty is adjusted to their skill level. This stand also evaluates defense, offense, heart (based on courage and judgment) and technique. There is also an offline survival mode that tests players’ resilience. The game grows with you and allows you to improve your skills at your own pace. The same goes for the composition of the game. Veterans of previous installments know the variety that each fighter brings, and it’s no different here. In the 15-player roster, no two characters are the same, and figuring out how to handle certain battles gives the game extra freshness. You can choose the speedy ninja Chipp Zanuff and run around the walls until he blows you up, but it’s better to take on the towering Potemkin with his Heat Knuckle and Potemkin Buster, which reliably take out opponents. For those who feel like it, there is the online mode, very reliable. After installing the R-code that tracks player data and following an essential tutorial that covers the basics of the game, players can go to the gender of their choice and compete against players from all over the world. word-image-7771 Steps have been taken to make the online experience as easy as possible. Assigning your region and skill score for Heavenly Floor is just the beginning; the backtracking netcode works wonders to eliminate any lag. Despite the chaos on the screen, most of the matches we attended went off without a hitch. It is even possible to see the delay in milliseconds and the number of backtracking frames. The novelty of this game is the noble vampire samurai Nagoriyuki. The player has a blood sucking knife in his hand and has to keep an eye on his blood level. When he reaches a certain level, he can switch to bloodthirsty mode. This changes his playstyle, extends his punches and gives him the ability to use the powerful Zansetsu Overdrive. He lacks air power, but his performance more than makes up for that. Secret Service Agent Giovanna also makes her appearance. She’s a good counterplayer to Nagoriyuki, with a series of somersaults and somersaults that put her in the middle of the action. His overkill in the air encourages offensive play, and those who prefer a fast but hard play style will have a lot of fun learning his moveset. word-image-7772 For those who want to learn more about the history of Guilty Gear, the game includes a story mode with nine chapters. Divided into anime-like 20-minute episodes, these clips tell the story of this man/engineer/suka/devil, a menace called Chaos, and the bounty hunter Saul the villain. Animated film trophies overlap with lots of jargon, talking heads and unnecessary action scenes. Some will appreciate the absurdity of it all, but most others will be eager to get back into action. To immerse players in the world of Guilty Gear -Strive-, they can redeem their hard-earned W$ by fishing for cosmetics at the Gacha, read the story and biography of the characters in GG World, and dress up their avatar however they like. Nothing special, but still nice additions. To complete the picture, the audio-visual presentation is fantastic and first class. Everything is incredibly polished, the characters and worlds are full of life and detail. Daisuke Ishiwatari’s creative mind is on full display, and the heavy vocals and riffs are truly energetic. Guilty Gear -Strive- sets a new standard for fighting games. Everything from the netcode to the presentation has been polished and the incredibly high skill level will keep players coming back to the game for years to come.

. This review of Guilty Gear -Strive- was done with the PlayStation 5 version of the game. The digital code was provided by the publisher. word-image-7773 Ryu and his buddies may be leading the FGC, but Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear series has carved out a small niche for itself with hard-hitting action and even harder exposition. word-image-7774 The infamous Ryu Hayabusa returns with the release of Ninja Gaiden from Team NINJA and Koei Tecmo, proving that you can’t stop a good ninja: Master Collection. With three word-image-7775 The world of Virtua Fighter 5 returns with the release of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios and SEGA Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate word-image-7776 From Nonary Games to Danganronpa, visual novels are no strangers to unusual premises. A. Hagen, however, ventures into new territory in Superstorm Melon Date, in which youAs the above title states, this blog will look at all aspects of Guilty Gear -Strive-, including it’s A.I., Music, and the Graphics. I, also, will be taking a look at the Story Mode and how well it was done.. Read more about gg strive release date and let us know what you think.

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