Super Adventure Box is back for ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2, with a new patch today. The last installment of the seasonal event was popular enough that it lasted 8 months. Super Adventure Box 3 promises to have 5 zones, each one designed around different themes in an original mini story arc.,

The “guild wars 2 patch notes” is a blog post that was released by ArenaNet today. The article discusses the changes and new features in today’s patch.

Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box is back in today’s patch


So, who’s ready for some old-school jumping puzzle action? If you’re looking for a vacation from the supposedly highly popular End of Dragons, you may want to check out the Super Adventure Festival, which starts today and runs through April 19th. A new weapon set, chest armor, guild décor, and accomplishments have all been added this year.

“When the Super Adventure Festival goes out on March 29, Moto’s world-famous Super Adventure Box will be back! To obtain holographic weapons and a variety of riches, explore two worlds of thrill, hazard, and educational entertainment. Travelers may visit the Adventure Box in Rata Sum—temporary portals have been set up in each major city to make getting to the picturesque center of asuran culture as simple as possible!”

If you were expecting for additional balance for the Jade Sea meta, there’s not much in today’s patch notes to help with that, except from more participant buff stacking and fewer events to start the core cycle. However, there are a slew of adjustments for classes, with a Catalyst bonus and a slew of competitive modifications topping the list.

Are you curious in the current status of the game and where it’s going? Just this morning, our own Flameseeker Chronicles broke down everything in the latest producer letter and plan for your review.

The most quirky adventure of all time is BACK and ready to teach you whippersnappers how to survive in the best game-in-game experience Moto the asura has to offer! Super Adventure Festival is LIVE in and ready for YOU! 🎉🎸

— Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) March 29, 2022


The “super adventure box world 2” is a new update for Guild Wars 2 that has been released today. The update includes the return of the Super Adventure Box, which includes a new map and dungeon with 3 difficulty levels to complete.

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