ArenaNet has released a statement clarifying the political stances of the End of Dragons voice actors, and noting that they have not been “fired” from their roles. The release also offers some explanation for why there is still no announcement on what will happen with Mystic Coins in game.

Guild Wars 2 has been in the news a lot recently. The game is getting a new expansion, and the developers have been releasing more information about it. In this article, they talk about what mystic coins are used for.

Guild Wars 2 highlights End of Dragons voice actors, clarifies mystic coin controversy


Guild Wars 2 is building hype for End of Dragons, and who better to help than the voices of the game and the expansion themselves? ArenaNet’s latest video features nine of the key actors who play everyone from old allies like Taimi to new folks like Mai Trin, reintroducing themselves (in case you missed their reveals earlier this year) and teasing a bit their roles. But just a tiny bit!

It’s almost here: #GW2EOD launches February 28! Share the excitement with our incredible cast of voice actors who helped us bring the expansion to life!

— Guild Wars 2 (@GuildWars2) February 17, 2022

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in fractal content in Guild Wars 2, you already know that, after ArenaNet’s major endgame revelation this weekend, the endgame community is much too preoccupied with squabbling over five-person content prizes to care about the narrative and the people behind it. In a nutshell, players were enraged by an apparent nerf to challenge mode fractals — popular game content – by removing mystic currency payouts. Because of the ambiguity in the language, players assumed the worse. However, ArenaNet’s Solar responded with a second extensive explanation of the mystic coin drops in fractals, stating that the average mystic coin count from monthly challenge mode fractals should be 53 coins, and that the majority of coins would still come from daily logins.

If you’re puzzled or simply interested about what life may be like after the conclusion of End of Dragons, YouTuber Mukluk has a fantastic video detailing the debate in depth, as well as the future of strikes vs. fractals.


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