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Greyhill Incident Release Date - What to Know

Greyhill Incident Release Date - What to Know

Refugium Games, the publisher and developer, has given us a first look at its forthcoming survival horror game Greyhill Incident, as well as additional information about the game’s gameplay and a general release date.

Greyhill Incident, set in 1992, injects a touch of “classic Grey-Alien and UFO abductions” into the survival horror subgenre’s indie wing. As Ryan Baker, a member of the titular village’s neighborhood watch, you must dodge the invaders while trying to figure out what’s going on.

Greyhill Incident Release Date - What to Know

Greyhill Incident Release Date - What to Know

The release date for Greyhill Incident has been set for summer 2022, which is when we’ll get to see developer Refugium Games’ take on an extraterrestrial invasion.

Ryan must go around the hamlet quietly, hunting for “tools, ammunition, and utilities” to aid him in fighting the invaders and protecting the people.

While creeping about is an option, you’ll also be able to defend yourself against intruders with weapons.

  • The Greyhill Incident will be released in the summer of 2022.

Ryan can arm himself with a “standard baseball bat, flashlight, and walkie-talkie,” but if things go wrong, he can always flee.

There hasn’t been much more revealed about Greyhill Incident so far, but there isn’t much time till the game’s release date. The game’s atmospheric introduction video can be seen here, and you can follow it on Steam.

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