The Elden Ring is a gaming achievement which requires you to complete the game without any gear or accessories. The ring itself grants an increase in maximum health, mana and stamina regeneration as well as durability with each use. Getting this early on means that your character will be more difficult for opponents to kill quickly because of its extra defensive capabilities.

The “elden ring meteorite staff upgrade” is a quest in the game, The Elder Scrolls Online. It requires players to get a specific item from an NPC named “Elden Ring.” This item will allow them to upgrade their early staff into the Meteorite Staff.

Getting the Best Elden Ring Early Staff (Meteorite Staff)

This Best Elden Ring Early Staff Guide will show you how to get the strong Meteorite Staff as soon as you start Elden Ring.

If you’re going to play Elden Ring, you’ll want the greatest equipment available. This is especially crucial if you’re an Astrologer, since your efficiency is heavily reliant on the strength of your staff and the spells you’ve learned. The Meteorite Staff is a fantastic endgame level staff that you may discover very quickly after the game begins. This best early staff guide for Elden Ring will show you how.

Why Would You Want the Meteorite Staff – The Best Early Elden Ring Staff?

The Meteorite Staff has S-tier Intelligence scaling, which means that every point you put in Intelligence will significantly increase the attack strength of your spells compared to other staffs.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

Even among late-game staffs, S-tier Intelligence scaling is uncommon. The Meteorite Staff is likely the third best overall, and will be the best for most players during the first 70-80% of the game. Only two, if not three, staffs are stronger than the Meteorite Staff, and they all need to be upgraded to +7 or higher to even begin to equal what the Meteorite Staff offers.

Meteorite Staff also increases the damage of Gravity spells. Gravity spells are fine in general, but Rock Sling, which I’ll explain how to obtain in this tutorial since it’s directly next to the Meteorite Staff, is a strong spell that will most likely be your go-to move against bosses and bulkier adversaries you want to take down quickly.

So, if you’re playing as a mage, you’d be insane not to grab this staff as soon as possible, particularly considering how simple it is to get.

Getting the Meteorite Staff – The Best Early Elden Ring Staff

You can receive this staff as soon as you exit the introductory dungeon, but you should probably go on to the Gatefront waypoint, which is 2-3 waypoints north of where you begin the game. You want to be able to level up and you want to be able to ride a horse.

If you don’t know how to get to the Gatefront waypoint, check out this guide to the Limgrave Sites of Grace locations.

After that, you’ll want to proceed to the Burnt-Dragon Ruins, which are situated in the center of Limgrave on the southern bank of the lake.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

A chest may be found down some steps near the massive enemy group in the center of the Burnt-Dragon Ruins. When you open this chest, it will send you to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, a high-level dungeon where you will be imprisoned.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

Getting out of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel is difficult since the strange centipede-like creatures here will almost surely kill you in a single strike. All you have to do now is rush out of the cabin you started in and down the hill into the tunnel that leads out of the chamber. Only one room separates you from the grace site.

By the way, this is an excellent location for early rune farming. The garbage troops drop about 200 runes and die quickly, and after you die, you’ll wake up in that hut. You can kill a few troops before being eaten by a centipede, and so forth. If you return after leaving, you must be able to kill the centipedes in order to reach the warriors.

Anyway, after you’ve unlocked the Sellia Crystal Tunnel site of grace, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the Meteorite Staff, the greatest Elden Ring early staff. You’ll find yourself in the Swamp of Aeonia after a few steps onward.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

From here, proceed southeast until you reach the Ruins of the Sages Street. This is a collection of abandoned structures. The Meteorite Staff, the greatest Elden Ring early staff, isn’t here, but we’ll make a brief stop here since it’s a fantastic landmark.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

A somewhat undamaged structure with a few foes inside and a stairway going down stands in the heart of the Street of Sages Ruins.

best elden ring early staff rock sling location

If you climb that stairs, you’ll locate the Rock Sling spell, a strong Gravity-elemental spell that can take use of the Meteorite staff’s Gravity-damage passive boost.

best elden ring early staff rock sling

Let’s go straight for the staff, which is just a few feet away now that you have the Rock Sling spell. You’ll want to go southwest of the Sages Ruins to the following place on the map:

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff

There is a tower there. I’m approaching it from the south to get a better glimpse of the tower.

meteoritestaff6 Getting the Best Elden Ring Early Staff (Meteorite Staff)

A body hangs out of a window on the north side of this tower, carrying the Meteorite Staff. I’ve already snatched his staff, but it’s the man in the photo below. You may locate him by climbing the steps to the tower and swinging around the side of it.

best elden ring early staff meteorite staff location

After you’ve completed all of these steps, you’ll have an endgame level staff that will last you at least until the second big dungeon, and most likely much longer. If you’re playing as an Astrologer, I strongly advise you to stop by this location and pick up the greatest Elden Ring early staff, the Meteorite Staff.

For the Best Elden Ring Early Staff Guide, that’s about it. More RPG instructions may be found on the main page, and more Elden Ring tutorials can be found in the Elden Ring area.

The “elden ring best staff” is a weapon that can be obtained early in the game. It has an attack power of 16,000 and it will always hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you upgrade the meteorite staff Elden ring?

A: No, unfortunately the Elden Ring is not upgradable.

Can you upgrade the meteorite staff?

A: Unfortunately not, the meteorite staff cannot be upgraded.

Where to get Meteorite Staff?

A: To get meteorite staff, you must break all the vases in a room.

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