Funcom has enlisted the help of another co-developer to bring their DUNE multiplayer survival game to life in 2022. The new partnership will allow the company more time and resources, while also making sure that they can deliver on their vision for a sprawling world full of player-driven events.

The “funcom dune” is a survival game that has been in development for over two decades. Funcom, the developers of DUNE, have enlisted the help of another co-developer to bring the multiplayer title to life in 2022.

Funcom enlists the help of another co-developer to bring the DUNE multiplayer survival title to life in 2022


Funcom revealed in December of last year that a firm named NUKKLEAR will be assisting in the development of the next multiplayer survival sandbox based on the DUNE IP. Abstraction, which has teamed with Bioware/EA, 343/Microsoft, Mythical Games, Snail Games, and Perfect World, among others, has confirmed that Funcom is recruiting the services of another co-developer.

Members of Abstraction are “working together with Funcom” and are “integrated into Funcom and divided across the engine, gameplay, and other key system teams,” according to the Abstraction website. As readers may remember, NUKKLEAR was hired to assist with vehicular-based gameplay, thus this new development team will presumably flesh out other systems as well. The website indicates that the upcoming DUNE game will be an open-world survival game, and that it will be released in 2022.

To refresh your memory, information on the DUNE survivalbox has been scarce. After acquiring the IP rights in 2019, Funcom announced the new game in April 2020, calling it “a more comprehensive and ambitious version” of Conan Exiles. The game wasn’t announced until December of that year, when Tencent’s acquisition of Funcom was cited as allowing the company to broaden the game’s scope. Then there’s the previously mentioned December 2021 presser, as well as this new one released today.


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