“Freeland VR” is a virtual reality MMO with no subscription fees that allows players to create their own worlds. The team behind the game have been working on it for six years, and they will be offering planet-specific activities like viking combat or farming in this revolutionary new way.

Freeland VR is a Kickstarted VR MMO offering multiple planets with various activities


Looking at the website and trailer for Freeland VR, it seems like this new VR MMO is aiming to offer a little bit of everything for everyone. This new game offers a tiny galaxy of worlds, each with its own ecosystem and unique traits – Players may participate in open PvP combat on Mount Dark; Beach Planet offers surfing, water racing, and golf; and Main Land acts as a primary social center as well as a location for road races and a freezing castle raid.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign began in early December and achieved its original funding goal in under four hours. With little over $134K USD collected and all stretch goals met, the crowdfunding campaign came to a close. Backers of the project may begin reserving usernames and joining up for the game’s private alpha test right now.

A release date for Freeland VR has yet to be determined, but the game’s current roadmap anticipates a backers-only private beta test later this year, followed by an open beta build later that year. For the time being, the preview video below gives you a taste of what this game has to offer. Which, according to all reports, is pretty much everything.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freeland VR?

A: Freeland VR is a top-down action game. It features an immersive world that can be seen from first person, while you play as the hero and fight against enemies within it

Is Freeland VR real?

How do you play Freeland VR?

A: In Freeland, you will be given a list of items to choose from and you must use these items in order to survive. Youre goal is simply staying alive for as long as possible!

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