Player-run towns and houses are a big part of the RPG genre, but how do they work? This blog will breakdown the mechanics of player run zones in an MMO. Town builders beware!

Fractured Online recaps the mechanics of player-run towns and houses. Towns are not only a place where players can buy, sell, and trade items but also a place to socialize with other players. Players have the option of creating their own house on the map or joining an existing one. Read more in detail here: fractured 2021.

Fractured Online recaps the mechanics of player-run towns and houses


Since the sandbox received a spotlight with its Gamigo publishing agreement, Fractured Online has been reaffirming and re-sharing various dev blogs explaining its mechanics, as we’ve previously noted. As a result, the most current feature spotlight focuses on player-run cities and housing, basically repeating information released in 2018.

Fractured’s player towns will seem familiar to SWG veterans while also attempting to enhance land ownership mechanisms, for those who are unfamiliar. Players may develop cities in pre-determined regions and advance them through 15 stages of growth by earning money, maintenance payments, and prestige points depending on the amount and kinds of structures they have. The most ambitious players may even become town governors, with the power to give settlement membership, excommunicate members, select where buildings should be built, and invest in particular technology.

There are pre-determined residential zones where players may plunk down a home of their own, albeit there will be certain constraints on crafting options and how far a piece of land can extend, for individuals who don’t wish to put roots in player-owned cities.


fractured mmo news” is a website that recaps the mechanics of player-run towns and houses in MMO games. The site has been running since 2006, and it has become one of the most reliable sources for information on this topic.

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