Season 7 of Fortnite is here, and it’s brought us a whole new, alien-themed set of challenges. Fortnite season 7 introduces the Return to the Wild challenge, which tasks players with searching around the map for a number of treasures and runes to unlock the next tier of rewards. One of the challenges, called Return to the Wild, is an alien-themed set that will see players

For years, Fortnite has been a hit game with a loyal fanbase. This year, season 7 is making their return with a new map, new skins, and a new mode called Junk Fort. This mode tasks players with defending their bases from an alien invasion by placing plastic fortresses around the map. This mode is a bit of a departure from the regular Fortnite formula—and was met with mixed reactions from the community.

word-image-4129 Fortnite represents an invasion, and no, not just of musicians who appeal to teenagers. This time it’s aliens, thanks to the launch of the seventh season by Epic Games. Hey, at least they put some cool stuff in the accompanying Battlepass. Wait, is that Superman? What about Rick from Rick and Morty? It is better not to think too much about internal logic. With an initial explosive attack, a mysterious alien army invades the island. Led by Dr. Sloan, the Wanted Order (MOR) took it upon themselves to fight back. As you fight your way through the chaos, you meet characters who embrace the invasion, resist it, or just want to keep fishing. The fate of the island is at stake. UFOs are not just for aliens anymore. Toss the dishes or grab them to take control. Fly with your squad, shoot at enemies, pick up anything that isn’t screwed up or disperse fleeing vehicles. The Creative Mode and Save the World updates are also available today. Epic says it has added a new HUD controller that allows for customization of the user interface, new templates for the creator hub, and several other quality of life improvements for creators. In the often overlooked Save the World mode, players can expect the return of the explosive Badlands, quests and associated NPCs (back?).


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