We’ve all been there- sitting in the empty housing area for Final Fantasy XIV, waiting hour after hour to try your luck at getting a house. With the new Housing Lottery system finally released, players now have an easier way of obtaining their own home or farm with less effort than before. The lottery also comes with some exciting bonuses that we would never be able to get without this system and is rewarding those willing to take on a risk!

The “Final Fantasy XIV adds some answers to common questions regarding its new housing lottery system” is a blog post that includes information on the new housing system.

Final Fantasy XIV adds some answers to common questions regarding its new housing lottery system

Working from not-home.

Final Fantasy XIV players naturally want to seize bits of Ishgard’s land to create their own houses after all of their hard work creating the city-state. Square-Enix is also altering the housing system in patch 6.1, requiring players to join a lottery to acquire homes rather than everything being done on a first-come, first-served basis. However, there are some doubts concerning the lottery’s mechanics, which have since been addressed in the original article outlining the lottery method.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that you cannot enter a lottery for both a free company estate and a personal estate; you are restricted to one entry per period. Furthermore, while multiple members of a free company may enter the lottery for multiple different plots, if two or more plots are won, the company must choose one to claim as a winner and the other one will count as failing to claim your winning entry (meaning you’ll lose some gil). Multiple members all entering for the same plot, meanwhile, don’t have this problem; only one entry will win, and the other members will receive a full refund. Check out the full Q&A at the end of the original post.


The “endwalker housing lottery” is a new system that was introduced with the release of patch 4.1. In this system, players are given a chance to win a house in the game by purchasing an item called the “housing lottery ticket.” The ticket can be purchased for 10,000 gil and will give you a 1% chance of winning one of three houses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Ffxiv housing lottery work?

A: The FFXIV Housing Lottery will be a random draw that all players can enter. A player enters the housing lottery by using their Gil to purchase an entry ticket from any of the NPC (non-player character) NPCs who sell them for 250 gil each, starting on Tuesday, October 9th at 6 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT and ending on Monday, November 19th at 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT.

Will they add more housing Ffxiv?

A: Unfortunately, the housing system in Final Fantasy XIV is designed so that houses cant be added or removed.

Will Endwalker add more housing?

A: In the future, I will add more housing. Right now, it is not possible due to time constraints and programming limitations.

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