A popular community podcast for the online MMO EVE Online lost its official partnership with gaming company CCP Games earlier this year. The move has sparked a conversation about how companies can use their social media presence without losing control of their message and what that means for fan-based content creators.

The “EVE Online community podcast loses official CCP Games partnership due to media blackout participation” is a story about the loss of the official CCP Games partnership from EVE Online. The podcast has been blacklisted by CCP Games, meaning that there will be no more opportunities for new partnerships with other games. Read more in detail here: eve game.

EVE Online community podcast loses official CCP Games partnership due to media blackout participation


We previously reported on an EVE Online community-led media blackout in reaction to CCP Games’ monetization policies over the last several years, with a fully equipped mining barge serving as the last straw for many. The New Eden Post, a community news site, presenter of the podcast Trash Talk Tuesday, and one of the studio’s official partners, was included in that article as one of those engaging in the so-called EVE Blackout. That final element, however, is no longer true.

Part of a Discord chat with Redline XIII, one of the show’s hosts, is shared in the Reddit article mentioned above, in which he outlines a private DM between himself and CCP that “was basically ‘hey you can’t broadcast this and be a partner at the same time.’” As a result, I decided to keep broadcasting it.” Unsurprisingly, responses to the shared picture were in favor of Redline’s decision, and the current Trash Talk Tuesday podcast was all about the blackout (though the broadcast is available only to subscribers).

At the time of this writing, the New Eden Post’s official Twitch channel is still streaming the EVE Blackout message and linking back to the protest’s official site. Furthermore, another check of the EVE category on Twitch sees the blackout growing. CCP Games, meanwhile, is continuing to not acknowledge the kerfuffle, instead reminding players of an upcoming Abyssal Proving Grounds event.

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sources: Reddit, Twitch (1, 2), Twitter, thanks to Scrapyard Attendant for the tip!


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