This is the ESO Battlegrounds Guide for High Ground Gaming. The guide covers everything you need to know about playing in an open world PvP zone, including all of the important things you’ll want to keep on your radar while fighting enemies and exploring new areas of Cyrodiil.

The “eso battlegrounds only deathmatch” is a new type of mode that was introduced in the “Battlegrounds” game mode. The new mode allows players to fight on the high ground, which can be very advantageous for those who are skilled at PvP combat.

ESO Battlegrounds Guide | High Ground Gaming

This ESO Battlegrounds tutorial will cover the fundamentals of what you need to know to succeed, whether you’re new to ESO and want to try out Battlegrounds for the first time or you’ve dabbled in PvP before. Because the PvP experience in ESO differs significantly from the PvE experience, we’ll fill in any holes you may have if your builds are geared toward PvE. We’ll begin by discussing the many sorts of Battlegrounds you’ll encounter. Let’s get started.

What’s All the Fuss About Battlegrounds?

You’ve probably been playing Battlegrounds to collect event tickets and try out PvP during the Whitestrake’s Mayhem PvP event, which runs from February 17th to March 1st. Battlegrounds are an excellent method to practice PvP in a safe environment.

In ESO, Cyrodiil is the center of all PvP, where you may battle alongside hundreds of other players at once. While Cyrodiil is a lot of fun, all of the people battling at the same time might cause latency spikes. You must battle for your alliance in Cyrodiil and Imperial City, while the other two will be your adversaries. Battlegrounds are unique in that you’ll be battling in a four-person team against two other four-person teams. Reducing the player count for these instances to 12 lets them operate much more smoothly and avoids scenarios like those seen in Cyrodiil, when 12+ players rush past and vaporize you. 

Types in ESO Battlegrounds

When you join the battlegrounds queue, you’ll be assigned to one of three groups: Fire Drakes, Pit Daemons, or Storm Lords. Battleground games are won when a team achieves 500 points or when the side with the most points at the 15-minute mark wins.

Battlegrounds-Queue-1024x724 Battlegrounds Queue Screenshot Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

Recover the Relic, Chaosball, King of the insane, Death Match, and Domination are the five distinct kinds of Battlegrounds presently available. Here’s what you can anticipate from each of them.

Deathmatch between two teams 

As the name implies, Deathmatch between two teams is a cut and dry bloodbath. Get out and kill enemies to get points. Getting the kill on enemies will get you the most points, but getting assists will also increase your team’s points. Because there is no other objective than killing enemies, players can get tunnel vision and run off on their own to claim all the glory to themselves.

To avoid unwittingly feeding a team that is coordinating battles, try to reject this and remain with at least one other partner. You can sometimes 1v4 a team and come away uninjured, but it’s not recommended since you may rapidly get swamped. 

Recover the Relic

Recover the Relic plays similarly to how you would play capture the flag. Protect your own relic and capture the enemies. The catch is that you cannot score a point unless you have your relic safely in place before you bring the stolen relic to it. You’ll have to have solid runners to break through the enemies defense and bring back the relic in one piece.

To keep adversaries from stealing your relic, you’ll need equally solid defense. The channeling of the theft takes a few seconds, and these players may be disrupted at that period. Your team will win if you capture the most or prevent other teams from capturing more than you.


Domination is similar to a traditional game of king of the hill, but with more capture points. During the match, there will be four flag locations to secure and protect. The side with the most flags in their possession for the longest period of time wins. To clear the remaining regions and secure the point, you’ll need both good defense and attack. 

Initially, secure capture points with 2-4 members of your squad, with the tankiest player staying behind to hold the point. People often lose these matches because they get preoccupied with battling one team while the other team grabs all of the other points.


Chaosball is a fun battlefield that functions similarly to hot potato but with the bonus of cold blooded murder. Characters with bigger health pools and abilities to replenish health are favored in this game. When a player takes up the ball, they will get points based on how long they keep it, but they will also take continual damage from it. Not to mention that by picking up the ball, you’ve effectively painted a bullseye on your back, making it tough to remain alive.

It’s critical for your team’s effectiveness to coordinate where the tankiest member holds with an accompanying healer. The other two members must concentrate on destroying opponent players who approach the ball too closely. Remember that if a teammate drops the ball (which must be done by dying since you can’t put it down), any player may pick it up. Stick close to your friend who is going to drop the ball and grab it before the opposition team snatches it.

King of the insane 

King of the insane is like playing king-of-the-hill but the hill keeps changing places. A flag will spawn that you once you guard for long enough will be claimed for your team. Whoever has more team members on a flag will work towards claiming the flag, so pushing enemies away and taking them out will help you claim the hill.

The flag will ultimately vanish and be summoned in a new position, prompting you to relocate in order to claim the new site. The game will begin with just one flag to claim, but when additional are summoned, your team will be forced to split apart in order to claim the most points.

Battlegrounds-Victory-1024x576 Battlegrounds Victory Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

This Battleground requires you to continually review the battlefield and make judgments about how to divide your squad up to grab the most resources while without risking everything. It may be tough to do this with a random group since it requires some coordination and rapid decision-making. 

Battlegrounds Tips in General

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When you first start playing in PvP, this is something that most strictly PvE players find startling. For taking down veteran dungeons, you may have some of the greatest gear in the game, but in PvP, these sets are useless.

Whether it’s DPS, healing, or tanking, PvE focuses on combining all of your armor sets and talents into a single emphasis.

In PvP, you must cover all of these bases by doing enough damage to take down foes while being tanky enough to withstand their attempts to take you down. So you don’t run out of steam halfway through a battle, slot a shield, heals, and carefully manage your resources while delivering damage.

Teamwork is what makes the dream come true.

This is amusing to write, but I’ve seen enough Battlegrounds turn sour because teammates refuse to cooperate.

When you play a Battleground, you’ll see a variety of teams who either run about doing their own thing or work together to take down their opponents. 9/10 times, it’s not a godlike player who cleaves through the competition that makes victory tough; it’s the group that keeps close together, works as a team, and conceals their deficiencies via the force of camaraderie.

To win battlegrounds, you don’t have to be a full-time healer, but giving your team a boost or helping to stun an opponent off a teammate may make all the difference. 

Gear – It’s All About the Characteristics

Battlegrounds-Items-697x1024 Battlegrounds Items Screenshot

Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

You should have at least 3-4 pieces of impermeable gear and 3-4 pieces of well-fitted gear on Battleground.

You can adjust this to gain more or less of these vital attributes, but none of the other traits are as beneficial in PvP. Reinforced chest armor, on the other hand, may provide a significant boost in physical and spell resistance. When you alter your qualities from Invigorating to Impenetrable, you’ll notice a significant difference in your ability to endure conflicts.

In PvP, impenetrable gear is essential since you might be burst down with a critical hit and perish extremely rapidly as a result. Impenetrable provides 127 critical resistance and reduces armor durability by 50%. When you suffer critical hits, you’ll take less damage, which will assist you escape being bursted down.

Fitting properly is also vital since it lowers the cost of roll dodging and sprinting by 6%. In PvP, mobility is crucial, thus being able to dodge without depleting your stamina and then running around terrain or even away from dangerous circumstances would be quite beneficial. 

What to Bring – What to Wear

Battlegrounds-Toon-Edit-1024x844 Battlegrounds Toon Edit Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

It is totally up to you which armor sets you will utilize. The huge diversity of playstyles available in PvP is what makes it so appealing. A common rule of thumb is that if a piece of equipment is BIS for PvE content, it will be less beneficial in PvP. Although the PvP meta changes, having excellent damage and resilience is always vital. The following are the most significant considerations for your armor sets:

  1. Is it capable of doing enough harm to an adversary via weapon/spell damage or proccing damaging effects?
  2. Are you strong enough to withstand a single shot from an opponent combo?

If you can say yes to both of these questions, you’re generally in excellent shape.

Some players in Battlegrounds spec into a glass cannon or full-on tank playstyle, which is also a viable option. Just remember to play to your advantages. If you’re a glass cannon, you’ll want to get in and out of confrontations as quickly as possible. Hold points and outlast adversaries by progressively wearing them down like a tank.


You’ll have to come up with your own physical or magical penetration if you don’t have a specialized tank to employ pierce armor on foes. This is most likely why you feel like you’re striking foes with a wet noodle. You’ll want to aim for net 5K penetration, and the higher the better. Aiming for a net of ten thousand dollars is a nice aim to set.

Battlegrounds-Mundus-1024x583 ESO Mundus Angus Green / ZeniMax Online Studios through HGG

You’ll be in a strong position to really do some damage if you have your own penetration with the assistance of talents that weaken an enemy’s armor.

Using the Lover Mundus, having the Sharpened trait on weapons, and slotting a skill that decreases opponent physical/spell resistances with Major or Minor Breach are all simple methods to obtain penetration. Razor Caltrops, available in the alliance skill line, is an excellent Stamina choice for inflicting Major Breach to a broad spectrum of foes. The Destruction Staff skill Weakness to the Elements provides the same boost for Magicka.

Food and Potions are consumables.

Sugar-Skulls-again-1-855x1024 Sugar-Skulls- screen shot

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Every perk and benefit you can acquire in battlegrounds matters if you want to win. When it comes to food, you’ll want something that at the very least provides both health and your major resource (blue recipes). You may also choose tri-stat meals, which provide boosts to each resource, however the bonuses will be less (purple recipes). Only do this if you really need the additional sustain on your non-primary resource.

The additional magicka would be a waste if you’re a stam character that doesn’t utilize many spells that cost magicka. Sugar Skulls is my favorite PvP skin since it boosts all stats and even provides additional health recovery. If you don’t have the recipe, try if guild merchants can sell you the ingredients. 


In Battlegrounds, potions make all the difference. Check to see whether you’re utilizing a potion that only gives you one resource, such as the essence of magicka you could get from an opponent. Your potion should return at least one resource (such as stamina) while simultaneously providing a benefit. Even though they don’t provide you a bonus other than resource recoveries, tri-stat potions are useful since they swiftly restore all of your resources.

The following are some examples of helpful potion benefits:

  • Immovability’s essence. (Grants Unstoppable, which keeps you from falling over.)
  • Weapon Power’s Essence (More damage for stamina characters)
  • Spell Power’s Essence (More damage for Magicka characters)
  • Detection’s essence (Reveals nearby stealthed enemies)

Make the most of the terrain.

This is more likely to happen with players who have greater PvP experience. Even after tanking an ultimate or two, a solitary adversary will face four foes at once and will not die. How do they manage to accomplish it?

Positioning and leveraging the terrain to block attacks and employ their heals and channels where they can’t be interrupted account for a lot of it. Gaining cover will draw adversaries to you, allowing you to set up combinations when they aren’t expecting it. You may control the battlefield by moving in and out of spots, causing them to miss their spells.

Be a part of the High Ground

We hope that these battlegrounds PvP tips and information will help you win your next match. Please leave a comment here if you have any Battlegrounds-specific advice. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all of your favorite games and everything ESO.

“ESO Battlegrounds Guide | High Ground Gaming” is a guide that will help you get the most out of your ESO experience. It includes information on how to find high ground, when to use stealth, and more. Reference: eso battlegrounds reddit.

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