Empire of Sin is a browser-based (free-to-play) MMORPG with a unique take on the city-building genre. This month, the game’s first post-launch expansion, Make It Count, has been released. Make It Count introduces a new continent to the game, and also makes some big changes to combat, adding a new “Frenzy” mechanic that grants players bonus damage output, but at the cost of damage reduction. For more details, click here.

We have waited a long time for this moment to arrive. After a year of hard work, the Empire of Sin’s first paid expansion, “Make it Count” has finally been released for all to enjoy. The expansion introduces a new epic solo campaign, 12 new cards, 2 new decks, and a new PvP map, The Stacks.

When PlanetSide 2 first launched, it was a complete and total mess. Not only was it riddled with bugs and glitches, but it was also lacking in content that was promised by the developers. It took a long while, but the game has evolved into a fun and reliable place to play. The bugs are now gone and the content is there, but there are still a few issues that I feel need to be addressed. One of those issues is with the game’s cash shop. This post will explain how the shop can be fixed and what needs to be done.

word-image-7362 Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Romero Games today announced Make it Count as the first premium expansion for prohibition-era criminal empire management game Empire of Sin. The expansion introduces new boss Meyer Lansky, also known as the “Mob’s Accountant,” but you shouldn’t let his nickname fool you. Although he is proficient at both economics and “smooth talking,” it’s also wise to never underestimate his gun-handling skills, unless you want an early ticket to the afterlife. Empire of Sin: Make It Count also adds a new profession – the Fixer. Once the expansion launches, you’ll be able to recruit 5 new gangsters that have it and put their skills to good use.

Empire of Sin: Make It Count Release Date

word-image-7363 word-image-7364 Fixers can mediate conflicts between gangsters and also unlock the new Loan Sharking racket that lets you blackmail other characters and factions. Loan Sharks operate out of existing storefronts, are not obvious to cops or passers-by, and get unique interiors. As mentioned before, unlocking it does require you to have a Fixer on staff. Meyer Lansky himself has a “tremendous flair for Loan Sharking,” according to Game Director Brenda Romero. These rackets let you loan money at highly competitive rates. The more you invest the more you can make. Some people will, inevitably, underestimate how much they can pay back and you get to decide how you deal with them. A string of missions will also delve deeper into Lansky and the Fixers’ story. Empire of Sin’s free Precinct update, which was detailed earlier this week, adds a new layer of empire management, letting you paint the map in your color, and will also see the first phase of mod support implemented. Empire of Sin: Make It Count launches later in 2021 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. During PDXCON Remixed, Paradox also revealed Crusader Kings III: Royal Court, Victoria 3, and teased Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back. Keep updated on the latest PC Gaming news by following on Twitter, checking out our videos on YouTube, giving us a like on Facebook, and joining us on Discord.

In a recent announcement, the team behind Empire of Sin, the online role-playing game that has shot to the top of the charts, has announced the launch of its first paid expansion. With this expansion, the game promises to further enhance players’ experience with new races, new battlegrounds, and a new progression system. The expansion is already available on Steam, and players are encouraged to join the fray.. Read more about empire of sin – expansion pass and let us know what you think.


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