Elyon is a great place to get in-game currency. However, it is currently suffering from a large amount of RMT (real money trading). RMT has been the bane of Elyon since its inception. For millennia, people have traded in-game Currency for real cash. Elyon has tried everything to fight RMT, from zero cash withdraws, to extensive real-money reporting, but to no avail. Recently, they came up with a very clever idea to fight the RMT problem—the Elyon Market.

One of the challenges of the game industry is to fight the digital distribution of games (aka “RMT”, or real money transactions) to keep your customers from buying a game and reselling it, but at the same time, you don’t want to harm legitimate sales of the game itself. This is exactly what Elyon, a developer of indie games, has done: they have developed a new system that allows the developers to choose what they want to do with their players’ money. They can use their own “hard” currency to buy inventory and sell it on the marketplace (the money doesn’t come directly from the players), they can use the hard currency to buy in-game items and sell them on the marketplace, or they can

What would an MMORPG be without an equipment system? Lost it. 1. Surprised. Clinging to the edge of the iceberg of indifference, floating in an endless sea of aimlessness. Or it would be perfect, because the games don’t always have to be level. But in the case of Elyon, he does have the equipment – and he wants you to know how such a fantastically complicated system works.

In the new developer blog, Kakao and Bluehole have discussed several aspects of this system that you need to know, such as B. The legacy device system. This upgrades epic gear to legendary status, allowing you to keep good gear for a long time.

Other types of gear include knight gear, which will be the precursor to epic and legendary gear, transcendent runes, and proc-based rune scrolls.

The next beta test of Elyon‘s is scheduled for mid-August. When it arrives, testers will have to deal with a new marketplace system that Kakao says is specifically designed to combat RMT. There is now a minimum/maximum list price and a standard price for each item. These values are adjusted at certain intervals and based on the items’ transaction history, the company said.


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