Most of us know Elyon as a developer, but what about the lead designers? Well, they’re also quite busy, and in this interview, they talk about leveling, cash shop items, and design shift in the new Elyon.

Elyon is the latest game from Level-5, with the title now in Early Access and a long way from completion. In an interview with GameTrailers, two of the game’s developers —Pablo Dominguez and Victor Rodriguez—talk about the design and setting of the game, the game’s progression and level-up system, the market’s items and cash shop, and the game’s artistic direction.

Elyon Entertainment belongs to a growing number of game studios that have been working on a wide-range of games. This company has been focusing on making games for mobile devices since its establishment in 2008, and has released over forty games to date. Elyon’s latest project, ELYON, is a sci-fi MMORPG that is still in the development stage. The game is expected to launch before the end of the year, but before the launch Elyon’s developers have opened a new blog that will be updated on a regular basis. Also, Elyon’s developers have been doing interviews on a regular basis, and the latest installment talks about the design of ELYON’s gameplay and the new cash shop items that will be added with the

Why did Elyon decide to scrap the aerial combat? What terrors lurk in the darkness of his online store? How does the alignment work? Here are some questions posed by French video game site Jeux Online in a new interview with Bluehole’s director and project manager of Kakao Games Europe.

On the subject: The design of the Elyon turns away from air combat in its original vision as the Ascent:. Infinite Realm, the studio attributed this to feedback from players about things that were technically impossible to fix. The developers reiterate the answer about the possible return of air combat in Elyon, but only in the parts of the air combat that were best received, and only after the game has an established structure.

As for the level progression in Elyon, which we understand requires hacking mobs and side quests, the studio explained that this decision was made to prevent veteran players from progressing faster than newcomers (given that the game features open-world PvP). Finally, the in-game store will include cosmetic and functional items, i.e. inventory slots and stock upgrades. The second beta test of Elyons will test these cashshop items, and players will receive free cashshop currency to try them out.

The interview also has a few unanswered questions, such as how Elyon will be received in Korea, its home country, and how many other games from Bluehole and Kakao will be released in the West.

ViewElyon has had a lot of growth in the past year, but they’ve also been experiencing a lot of changes in the core of their game. In this interview, Elyon’s VP of Business Development, Theresa, talks about the recent changes to the game, the cash shop that Elyon has recently released, and how they are looking to improve the game overall over the next year.. Read more about what mmo to play reddit and let us know what you think.

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