In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the game’s classes, skills, and their associated runes. The classes themselves are not that different from those presented in the original CBT. The truth is, the classes are not that important. The system is not based on classes, so much as it is based on the characters’ attributes, which are developed and modified over the course of the game’s story. The different runes each have their own unique properties, and can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had a chance to write an article for the Gamerschallenge, and I’ve been busy lately. This article is more of a personal interest piece, rather than a report on the actual progress of the CBT2. It’s a bit long, so I will split it into two parts. The first will talk about Elyon’s focus on attribute-based character creation, how it might play out in actual play, and the kind of considerations that will need to be made regarding the process. The second will describe the DMs Guild, and what you can expect there.


If there’s one thing Elyon has going for it, it’s the diversity of systems that allow players to personalize their characters. There are a variety of methods for players to customize their character, whether it’s via the skills system or the affects of gear and gear augmentation, and now the game is showing another layer of personalization with a video explanation of the rune attributes system.

This system is all about the many kinds of gems that players may put in their equipment, each of which belongs to one of six rune attribute trees. These effects need rune attribute points, which are acquired by putting gems into gear; the higher the gem level, the more attribute points earned, which means there are more points available to spend on rune attribute passives. Each tree is also color labeled according to the stones it contains (red for Assault, blue for Protection, etc.). The video goes on to explain what each tree accomplishes and how each effect works, as well as how the higher tiers of each tree offer some useful features, such as an attribute at the top of the Assault tree that may boost the strength of all strikes.

If you’re less interested in system previews and more interested in the flashy showcase films, Elyon has also produced a sizzle trailer that shows off some of the in-game features. Check out our latest broadcast for additional information, which included a peek at the game’s current closed beta test.


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