Elite Dangerous, a space-based game for the PC and Xbox One, has had an issue since launch with planetary surfaces appearing on repeated tiles. The developers have elected to not address the issue at this time due to unjustifiable resource costs.

The “bungie store” is a popular online retailer for video games. They recently released an article about the Elite Dangerous game, which has a planetary surface tile repetition issue. This issue was not addressed by the developers because of unjustifiable resource costs.

Elite Dangerous elects to not address a planetary surface tile repetition issue due to unjustifiable resource costs


One of the numerous flaws that Elite: Dangerous players have reported and upvoted on the game’s Issue Tracker seems to be more difficult to solve, thus Frontier Developments will disregard it for the time being.

The issue at hand is the surface tiles that cover a planet in low orbit and are so repetitious that they may be extremely unpleasant. However, the developers clarify in a statement that making planetary tiles appear more natural, even if they are repeating, takes significantly more resources and work than one would think:

“Reducing or eliminating the tiling effect would need a complete rewrite of the game’s underlying mechanisms, which would disrupt other parts of the game.” This would obviously divert resources away from other aspects of the game, such as performance, bug patches, and new content. We can’t explain such drastic changes and a galaxy-wide regeneration in Elite.”

The relevant Issue Tracker posting has been closed since FDev is unlikely to resolve this issue anytime soon (or later, for that matter). The team will, however, “strive for the best possible experience for the most amount of gamers that [their] present emphasis enables [them] to accomplish,” according to the release.


The “Elite Dangerous elects to not address a planetary surface tile repetition issue due to unjustifiable resource costs” is an article about the decision of the developers for Elite Dangerous to not fix a bug that causes a planet’s surface to repeat. Reference: bungie ceo letter.

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