Elite Dangerous’s developer Frontier Developments has announced that the release date of Update 11 for the game will be pushed back to accommodate quality testing. The new launch window is October 31st, 2018.

The “jordan release calendar 2021” is a blog post from Frontier Developments, the creator of Elite Dangerous. The post discusses that no one company will be able to buy out Frontier Development and has shifted their release date for Update 11.

Elite Dangerous boss promises FDev won’t be bought out as Update 11’s release date shifts


With all of the rumors about video game company purchases that circulated in January, some lifelong fans of specific companies may be concerned that the appropriate amount of cash may result in ownership changes. If CEO and creator David Braben has anything to say about it, it doesn’t look to be happening anytime soon at Elite: Dangerous producer Frontier Developments.

According to quotes from Braben in the Financial Times, his studio can’t be bought because the 33 percent stake he and his wife own in FDev acts as a “natural barrier” against any buyout attempt, despite the studio being seen as a target for acquisition and having a currently low share price; readers will recall that Tencent bought 9 percent of the studio in 2017. Braben is quoted in the article as stating it’s a “great tragedy” that UK gaming developers aren’t being supported by the government and are instead being taken up by foreign companies.

Meanwhile, in more immediate E:D news, the release of Update 11, which is expected to include Fleet Carrier interiors and a fresh wave of patches, has been pushed back to March 8th. A tiny patch for the Odyssey expansion was released to address stability concerns.


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