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Elden Ring Raptor's Black Feathers

There’s something valuable to be obtained behind every mystery in Elden Ring. The Tarnished may make a variety of discoveries when spelunking in the depths of the Sage’s Cave. The emergence of the Raptor’s Black Feathers, a light-to-medium armor chest item that boosts your jump strikes, is one such discovery. However, as everyone knows, the cave is completely fictitious. As a result, we’ve put together this quick tutorial to assist you in finding the Raptor’s Black Feathers.

In Elden Ring, where can you get Raptor’s Black Feathers?

Elden-Ring-Raptors-Black-Feathers-Cave-Location-640x360Elden Ring Where to Find Raptor's Black Feathers

The Raptor’s Black Feathers are concealed behind a secret wall deep beneath the Altus Plateau’s Sage’s Cave. To reveal hidden access to two chests and a boss, just assault a wall near the waterfall. The Raptor’s Black Feathers and the Skeletal Mask will be found in the chests, as well as a mist that leads to Necromancer Garris.

There are lots of deceiving walls to physically plunge through in a tiny cave populated with Skeletal Bandits. As you go into the cave, you’ll come across many walls that disclose different types of riches. You’ll discover a Stonesword behind one of them at one point, but the concealed wall we need is towards the cave’s conclusion.

Basically, you must descend the cave by going past all adversaries till you reach the waterfall’s base. You won’t be able to descend, but there will be a ledge to your left that you may leap onto. After there, go to the teeny-tiny path on your left. Apparently, you’ll rush toward a wall just to hit it, revealing the two chests mentioned before.

The Raptor’s Black Feathers are part of the Raptor’s Set and serve as the chest piece for the whole costume. The Bandit Machchettes and Bandit Boots, as well as the Skeletal Mask (which is the item in the chest next to the chest armor), complete the set. The Black Feathers have resistance stats of Immunity 57, Robustness 35, Focus 60, Vitality 60, and Poise 5 for the item in question. It weighs 7.7 pounds. If you want the whole set, go visit Gostoc at the beginning of Stormveil or the Twin Maiden Husks if you killed him after the Godrick combat.

How to Defeat Garris the Necromancer

Elden-Ring-Raptors-Black-Feathers-Necromancer-Garris-640x360Elden Ring Raptors Black Feathers with Necromancer Garris The Raptor’s Black Feathers are in action here against Necromancer Garris.

Beyond then, it will be up to you to deal with Necromancer Garris, but if you need a fast advice on how to beat him, we have two for you. Use any blood loss effect to keep him distracted as you strike him with a spirit summon. It’s only fair to have your own backup since Necromancer Garris will have allies skeleton snakes that can roll and hurt you.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to assault Garris if you have a summon with numerous spirits. He may even summon skeleton entities to attack you in a certain location, although a simple escape should suffice. For some players, fighting Garris and his skeleton snakes may be difficult, but as long as you give fire and/or blood loss damage to him, he should be easy to deal with. You’ll be awarded with the Family Heads flail after you’ve slain the boss.

If you’re stuck someplace in Elden Ring, use these guidelines to get a head start!

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